Saturday, 22 May 2010

Two different people are in love

The art of two different people but i never understood

Last night i was in the laying on the bed and i've got a message from my friend in malaysia and telling me something about the person. Telling me that the person has someone and happier now. Well, i wish the person is happier now and i wish that he is better than me and if he doesn't i am always here. My feeling was brusting last night..huh...what a life. So sad isn't? Anyway..that's how life goes and all those things should make you even stronger to go ahead to the next step of your life.

Telling you this, how if there are two very different people are falling in love but one of them too scared to have the relationship? Maybe until the right moment, then it will bring too much meaning for the other person. The first person is far away came to the second person's place. Very different culture, very different ages, very different background...almost everything is different but the first person likes the second person. Unfortunetly, it seem like it will never works.

These two very different peopele are so scared to have such a relationship because they have been hurt before. Both are so cautious for the next relationship as they dob't want to be hurt again. Well..well.well...isn't crazy? am going to do something intresting actually. I didn't plan it but it came last minute to me so i just will do it. Hehehehe...shall i say i like to go for climbing? yeah.. i like to do that. At the same time i am still waiting for the company to assign to me a project. I am s0 excited for it because it is very important to my CV later when i'm going to apply for a job. Well, next next i should have a meeting with the company to i gotta go to Heathrow.

Well, the weather is lovely today and thanks God for the hot weather. I am going to enjoy it!!! yeah....mmm...ok folks am going out now and get ready..:) bye x

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