Sunday, 23 May 2010

Tiring weekend but i enjoyed it

I need very hot latte to re-energise me

Hey guys, how is everything? I hope for those my friends in the UK enjoyed the hot weather this weekend and for those my friends in Malaysia had a great weekend. Well, I had my sun tanned today and it was really nice. Now i know why most caucasians will take off their chlotes when they come to hot countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Exactly same thing happened to me. After i have been trapped for five months in the winter here in the UK, i had my sun tanned and it was the first time i ever done in my life. But i love it and honestly it was very unusual to do it at the first time. But there you go, i am desperate for a heat and really need hot weather. Yesterday and today was really a great day and the hottest days so far. Huh..i feel so happy and of course i am exausted! I had a long walked and layed down under the sun. LOL!!!! extreemly unbelieveable when i was doing it this afternoon. Tommrrow, i should be doing something!

At the same time i am still waiting a project to be assigned by Orbix company but i haven't received one yet. But i've got an email form the director today says that they are still finialising the projects and still in the process to select particular tasks to be assigned to me. Mmmm...should be by next week and on thursday or friday i should be going to the company and have some discussions with the project manager, cheif programmer and operational director. Can't wait to have a meeting with them.

Anyway folks, time for me to have my dinner and i am so hungry after my long walk today. It was hot so i bet i burnt a lot of calories...hahahahahaha...take care folks and bye for now x

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