Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The hurt is so bad and i can't take it any longer

Loving someone who wants to be your friend..what do u feel?

I am back again after a long boring day. Well, not really boring, but it was me so fussy...I hope i could find a part time job as soon as possible. Mmmm....i can't just sit and do nothing or mess around with my laptop. It's horrible..i like to do any job that i can work from home :)

So i am free and i can do my work from anywhere. Mmmm...i should do some research about my master's thesis/dissertation but i just not in mood to squeeze my brian at the moment. Well, if i do programming job in have to squeeze my brain to solve but not to find originality. Finding disseratation's title means finding something original (for me).

Well, well...i don't know...but suddenly i feel so sad and missing someone very much today. Yeah, i know very wired but...what to do. I was trying to forget it because i knew it's not gonna happen but..the more i try to forget it....my heart breaking even more..so how could i resist it?I've got this feeling since this afternoon and now about 11.30 pm UK time, it's getting worse. I want to see, i want to tell, i want to hold, i want to hug, i want to kiss...lol (sorry i am a bit naughty).

Anyway..i hope tmrw i will be able go to the gym and move my fatt ass..lol!!!!

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