Monday, 24 May 2010

I feel Fresher and enegretic

An ready for anything!! seems like a lovely day again today. I just hope that i am going to enjoy it again. Well, we're going to climb the hills! Mmmm..when i got up this morning i felt fresher and even now i feel energetic again after my long walk, sun tanned and it was tiring yesterday. I had my simple dinner last night and i went to bed about 11 pm. What?? 11 pm? very unusual..really..i usually will have go to bed about 2 or 3 am. But because i was very tired last night i went to bed about 11 pm. Well...nevermind..i got up about 8 am this morning and had my shower and everything and now on my friend's laptop updating my blog while my friends are getting ready for today's activities.

Anyway..anyway...i logged into my forex account today and it seems like the market is just still droppping down which is good for my Ringgit (RM) because i can get more value in pounds. YES!!! But not really a good idea for my forex because i see one position has been opened up above and am not sure how it will do unless the pounds recovered. Anyway..seeems like headging is the way to safe it.

OK..OK...i gotta go now and seems like all are ready. Take care folks and bye x

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