Saturday, 6 October 2007

Che'Nelle, the international Sabahan singer!!

Wow....what the hell....I really, really never expected this this all my Sabahan visitiors, we have to be proud of this girl...Ya really....Shes name is Che'Nelle..i try to google this name and i found her on and here are the info about this girl.

"Che’Nelle is an R&B singer-songwriter and producer signed to Virgin Records America. She was born on March 10, 1983 as Cheryline Lim in Sabah, Malaysia to a Chinese Malaysian father and Indian-Dutch mother." "Che'Nelle was raised in Perth, Western Australia. Her father ran a karaoke lounge, where Che'nelle began singing as a toddler. She played in bands and wrote her own music for years, but it was American music veteran Charles Dixon who discovered her music on her myspace page. Che'Nelle showcases the singing talent that Sabah is renowned for producing. Proof of this is the consistent good performances from Sabahans in Malaysia's talent quest television shows."

Ya..originally Sabahan beb!! to her post at will arange his schedule to perform a concert at sabah!! (Gosh!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait it...really, really can't wait it)...sumandak.....i love you!!!! muah...muah.....surprisingly..she still can talk in "loghat sabahan"..ya..very, very amazing and very, very unbelievable. And according to her post at mrbadak blogspot she will "pulang sabah" to visit her grandparents . And if she came to Sabah of course i want to take her autograph la...Che'Nelle..if you found my blog and read this post don't forget to post your comment ya. I've heard her song titled "I fell in love with the DJ", very mmmmmmmmm good..i love her song...(i want to buy her CD la). so here i uploaded some of her sexxxxxxxaaaaaa (sexy) funny la...she said when she came to malaysia she will "pakai baju kurung"..hahaha...(in my opinion you don't have to be like that, be yourself..orang kat malaysia nak kutuk pasal pakaian ko...don't care about them, just be yourself and do whatever you like as long as ko tak ganggu hidup orang)..thats all.. that is my principal of life. You can click this link to download her song titled I fell in Love with the DJ.


Doreen said...

yahh!!! che'nelle roxx. I think b4 she come here to make a concert, she will be definitely get so much complains like Gwen Stefani last time in KL. Cannot do this n cannot wear that la. So lame...

steph_sumandak said...

wow.....!who ever wrote this comment, ureally rox dude.and to che'nelle,appreciate ur hard work a lot.u make sabahan proud gurl.keep up the amazing work k!when come to sabah next time dont forget "turun tuaran".kita makan mee guring tuaran.hehehe..

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