Saturday, 6 October 2007

What the Fuck of those girls??

Mmmmm......i went to just now and i found this video from this site...what the hell? ya..memang girls now a day really, really ganazzzz......sometimes more then guy...sometimes guy plak yang lembut (shemale)....anywhere out this video clipz and you will wonder...i don't know either they just acting "main-main jer" or it is real....its up to long as sakit juga la..hopefully no more like this ya. According to "sumber yang i dapat" this video was captured in Times Square Shopping Mall in KL. I don't know true ornot..but u will see it

Look at them..what are they doing?? just like a cat and a dog rite?


Kay Kastum said...

Looks like they are having fun. Especially the guy with the coke.

tukang kilat buku lima said...

bikin malu hebat oh durang bertumbukan...mcm gusti ja sia tgk..
ini blm ganas bah..klau ko tgk yg lagi ganas ..yg pompuan guna penumbuk smpai miring2 tu lawan da..klau tmpar2 gitu..kurang bertanda..cuba klau tumbuk d mata..d pipi...d dagu...d dahi...sure nmpak bintang..kakakaka

romi zunaidi said...

i already add ur link andrik..

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