Thursday, 4 October 2007

Presentation BEL490 Part 3

wo..wo..wo..look at this..look at this...everybody!!! we are the champion...(apasal tetibe jer ne)..hehe actually i'm bit happy, because not too much work we have to do's only 4 days more (i know some of you maybe 3 days more to free). Tomorrow we have proposal thesis presentation, then on saturday my group have to submit report, and on Sunday we have database presentation and Monday our group have HCI presentation (still sick la). OK forget about it for a moment....check out my blog first!! last Wednesday was presentation for BEL490 part 3.
So the first presenter was arip...ya it was arip..if i not mistaken, since i came to class late. But i don't know if there was another one before arip. Anywhere, arip.....he talked about Microsoft surface..firstly..this topic was very, very professional (in my opinion). How ever not all people like this topic. For me..i "sedang-sedang aja" love this topic, even though i know this topic was good. OK..another were voice projection not bad, slide...also quite interesting, good introduction (but make it shorter next time), font.mmmmm good. But arip, i'm sorry to said here...i really, really don't like your intonation during your presentation. I hope you know what i mean. firstly i thought i'm the only one said this thing..when i moved my seat to the other...they also agree with me. I mean your intonation was "boring la".."mendatar jer" people will get boring with your presentation and your topic might "moved" to unprofessional. However your appearances was good and i think u didn't look too much on your slides, and for me that was good. OK the next presenter was Firdaus G...hahah..programmer beb!! he talked about what ah? if i not mistaken it was about something like DVD, CD and memory i rite? ya i think so. Mmmm..i'm sorry voice projection was "flat".."i tak dengar la bang kat blakang tu". Then you "masuk rumah tak ketuk pintu" you just come infront of us and said " you said today i want to talk about..."..K? i hope you know la. But one thing i love was your slide..i think the best slide (kalau diberi anugerah)...ya i think so. And one big mistake was you didn't see the audiences...this is the most important thing for presentation. Anywhere...third presenter was firdaus (sep)..First of all, appearance totally failed, voice projection out....oo noo...."tak sanggup nak komen"...why do you like to put you hand inside your pocket ah?..please don't do that...your hand must be free....please...please..."sedey aku tengok". Anotehr read your text too much la bang. I don't many things should be improved, maybe you have no enough time to prepare kan? but..i think you should do that early la bang..then "taklah jadi cam ne"..anywhere..actually i can comment many things else..but, i should stop here for him. i want to go to the next was arm..people called him i call him arm la..but how to spell it I don't know "asalkan sebutan sama pun jadilah". If i not mistaken he talked about network topology. Some good things here are voice projection was good, i can hear it clear and loud, body gesture also not bed..because i think you're static and not too much movement is good. But your appearance totally failed....i'm come arm? "you did know that day is your presentation......but nape tak preape baju? tak yalah baju baru....enough kemas". And one more things is please..please don't forget the audiences. next was Zubir in da house..heheh. I think your body gesture was OK. Slides also good (i mean standard)..and i think that all. The things that your should improved is why do you read and look to your text too much? I think this is the problem of students when presenting their topic. U know what is the causes of this problems? according to my experiences..the first one is "student takut sangat buat kesilapan"...when you too worried about the fact that you want to talk will feel something wrong you and not sure the things that you want to talk. Another problem is..."student tak biasa bercakap di depan"..well this is common thing la...but the way to improve is please talk in front of the mirror. And talk in front of your friends (practice before present) is because not enough preparation. so when this situation happened..students will get nervous and will forgot things. another one is because students prefer to memorized then to understand. So please don't do this. NEXT was "tok wannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!"...for your info...the sexiest presenter of the year..(bagi pandangan one of my friends)..should i tell you the name of that girl? no need la long as you know "she" not "he" tau..hehe..ok i think...mmmm not too much la..because the same problems with the rest of them. Voice projection was OK, but appearance totally failed, slide OK..body gesture she said sexy (really? i don't know my friend say this) didn't look to next time..look to the audiences. Don't put you hand into you pocket bang..ok? try again la....OK thats all..nest is Deco...heheehehe..mmm i think deco is good. for your of my friends said deco is the best presenter last Wednesday...really?..maybe..but we will see at the end of this topic. Deco....good voice projection, good slides, good body gesture but your appearance was totally look to us, but too much depend to you slide and please do not put you hand la into your pocket. This is please.....please...i think most of the guys..they like to put their hand into their pocket la....maybe this is trade mark of "student lelaki" kut!! However i feel enjoy your presentation deco...good luck ya. Mmmmm...the last presenter but not least was "papa bean"..actually shahril la...ya. Mmmm...if i not mistaken he talked about something like mobile technology...(i think so.) But...i don't know maybe "tak prepare kut"...appearance totally failed, cam nak kluar pi bersantai di tepi pantai bersama girlfriend (berdasarkan pengalaman penulis). hehehe...topic a bit boring, but slides was good..the design and the font. But voice projection mmm...don't know...not clear and too much depend on you text.."kalau present cam ne...baik buat pertandingna membace jer!!!" hehehe..sorry..
So according to my opinion its hard to pick two of them..which one is the best presenter. I think if i choose arip...(my friends said membosankan ngan intonasi yang mendatar)..but if i choose deco (i plak tak setuju sebab pakaian failed and banyak sangat bergabtung slide) ever like this la...jeng...jeng...jeng....jeng...i buat ne cam pertandingan erk? so....

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