Monday, 15 October 2007

The Death at the funeral

Wow....what the fucking of my blog now??? something happened? ya..maybe i think so...."basi suda ne blog sia". Anywhere guys, i'm at singapore now and no internet connection. I have to go to cyber cafe then i can update my blog. Other then that, i quite busy with my revision, because our final exam will be started on 22 of OCT. So thats why i'm quite busy here...however..busy..busy pun i still have time to celebrate the hari raya here at my friend's house. Gosh....ya actually not too much different at KL. I mean the food also same and nothing different. Other then that i went to hospital becaus of ....(just a bit problems)...u all no need to know la...not your buisness!!! hahahahaah....and another one is..yesterday i sempat watched the movie titled: The Death at the funeral ...ya...quite funny, but one comment.....(komen ne memang i tak boleh lupakan sampai bila-bila)..u know what??? i paid the ticket $9.50 (if i not mistaken around RM 21)..and the show only 1 and half hours??? fucking shit!!!!!!!!! i'm not really satisfy the show...however...the seats...gosh...really first class...ya...really great....about the show again. quite funny...very (100 times) funny..u know?? the actors and the actress also...gosh funny!!! ya my opinion maybe mmmmmmmm 3.5 stars (this is my opinion, some of my friends said its only 2.5 stars)...anywhere!!! but i suggested u all to see this!!! (ndah rugi walaupun kamau pi tinguk) after this i wanna see the resident evils (the latest one)....

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