Saturday, 6 October 2007

My New tickets "Balik Rumah" (back to home)..

M..ok.ok "abis satu keje" (i've done another task) know what? report counseling to HKL. We just submitted to Prof just now, and now home and I'm thinking what topic should i post today. So.."thinking punya thinking" (no translation in English..but it can be something like "rethinking")..lastly i found topic.hehehe. Actually i want to upload a some videos during role playing part two last Thursday, but i didn't get converter to convert form MOV file to WMA file. Anywhere..i'll try again..if you all have this converter please send me link ya...or send me to After that, i will upload the movie then you all can see how funny my class during the "role playing part two". Anywhere guys...This "selasa" (Thursday) i will go back to home at singapore...(i didn't go back to Sabah because too far away la, however i will go back to sabah the end of this year to celebrate new year and Christmas maybe at Singapore also). However the end of this semester i will "melancong to kelantan" (if my money is still available...hehehe you know what i mean la kan?). Hey...guys long time not "balik sabah la"..since last year until this year..(oh...No.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my sisters said i dah lupe diorang), i don't know what happened to Sabah..if i go back there at the end of this year, i want to loafing at the beach (i love bitch very much...opps....not bitch but beach..hehehe). Yesterday, i went to KL form Shah Alam 5 pm and arrived there around 7 pm (if i not mistaken)...Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what the hell............"trafic jam"...(sialan!! dahlah aku berdiri drp shah alam) my legs get tired, fucking shit!! You know what i've done there? mmm..of course withdraw money to get some cash. You know for what? of course "bayar rumah sewa, bill air, bill api" and of course pocket money to Singapore (so imagine la how much i withdraw yesterday)...another thing is i changed my ticket. Originally i depart to Singapore suppose to be today at 2.30 pm, but since tomorrow i have database presentation and on Monday also i have HCI presentation, i have to extend the date to 9 of OCT (ari selasa)...and will be back to Shah alam 22 of Oct. And i have new know what? "andrea" funny la..the Chinese girl at counter ask my name and i told her andrik, when she printed the tiket..i saw my name "andrea"..fucking the girl....shit her!!! anywhere...i don't care and don't mind as long as i get the ticket..fugh!!! so tired la..tommrow i have database presentation...(tak siap lagi, baru siap buat database) shit!! hopefully tonight me and my group can finished it...mmmm....sleepy la plak!!!

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