Tuesday, 23 October 2007

:: Disappointed ::

Wow....yeah..after long time I'm hiding myself of blogging now i'm back again. However, today i really, really disappointed with my final exam this morning. You know what? i couldn't answer some of the questions. I know it was my fault because i didn't cover all the chapters. Actually i've read all the chapter and i 've prepared myself all the chapter but, you know? some of the fact i forgot and some ..argh...................makes me feel sooooo sad you know? thats really fuck!!!! mmmm....after i finished the final exam i went to Sek 2 for lunch and back to home. Then, i send email to daddy said "I'm sorry if my result this semester is not really good because i couldn't perform my best this morning "...firstly i thought he will replied my email and said "(something made my heart hurt)"...you know? he replied my email and said "no need to cry to the split milk, it was done so you have to go to the next test". Wow...wow...ya..this evening I'm still sad if i remembered about the paper, but what can i do???? nothing right? so just forget it and go ahead your life. Gosh!!!!! i know its not too easy but i have to do it. Anywhere Friends, so now you know what happened this morning to me..and now i have to go ya. I'm so sleepy and so tired. Want to have a nap. Bye!!! Good Luck for the next paper.

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