Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The power of Photoshop

Wow.....i went to db blogspot while i'm in Singapore last few days and i found these fucking shit picture...hahahaah...yeah..these are really fucking shit...and wow....so here are the power of photoshop. Anywhere you can see here:

Here is "pah lah" Einstein version

Guess who? i will tell you on 25 of OCT

How about this one? Rafidah rite?? What happened with her hair!!

Lim Kit Siang as Punker!!

Abdul Hadi as urban hippie..yay!! ala-ala orang red Indian gitu..

And??? this is Gwen stefini Heliza AF4 version..

Bakal anak kandung angelina jolie and brad pitt (merged)...so sucks!! really

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