Monday, 15 September 2008

Ah.....time to eat again

Aks...time to eat again. I'm lovin it..Hehehe. I thought this ramadan month i could reduce my weight. eat. For your information, tmrw night i have to attend dinner again. Sponsored by Datin. i will make sure my camera is with me. So last time i went to dinner and had all those yummy food. For those my friends who are muslim, i am sorry because my post is about foods. Maybe i shouldn't post this but i don't know what else to do. I can say i finished my SRS and also my SDD. But i haven't finalized them yet. So i really need break before looking at my source code and my Literature review. OK here are what i ate last time my dinner. If u feel hungry please close your IE window or fire foxs window. Hehehe

oh...come on..don't play play

OMG..steak and chicken.


Rice is always there

Mmmmm...delicious noodle soup

Oh...yeah...yummy and i know expensive

Ah....i want again
P/S: Can't wait tmrw nigh..i have another dinner sponsored by Datin. Hehehe


maslight said...

kicik jua tu portion @_@

Andrik McVean said...

ko inda kenyang kah kah? mau yang besar kalau buli kan? heheheh

eLiyaShaKa said...

datin?? bah bah andrik kasitau bapa ko..haha

Andrik McVean said...

@eliya..hahaha...yabah, datin mau blanja makan...sana tropicana golf club..wah...siok nie..apa lagi...inda sabar sia mau pi dinner malam nie..hehehe

Beck the BandagedKnee said...

waa.. all those food sangat yummy ooooo!!! xpecially yg 1st pic tu.. waaa.. >_<""""

hmmm.. gotta hav icecream laa thi evening.. lol.. xD

anyway.. ty for the visit.. :D rock on~

Andrik McVean said...

@beck..hahah..mimang sedap bah tuh..heheh..mcm makan sana RANAU...LOL...

Gay said...

Gay banned me because he is too afraid people may know his secret.

Spam? Send my regards to your bf in Penang.


jcyboy said..., i think u are gay lah...coz your name is gay..hahahah

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