Friday, 19 September 2008

Oh..No...somebody pissed me off - my blog has been hacked - all my blogger friends..Now i am very sure somebody feel jealous with the visitors of my blog. I have no idea why. But it is really happened. FUCK OFF to the pig. U know why? He hacked my blog and changed all my layout arrangement and also my widget. How ridiculous this person. I don't know who he knows my password. But I already changed it..and i just wait and see what will happen. So here is my shoot screen...about this guy. Ok..ok...since i put widget in on my i can trace every single IP address come in, come out and even passing trough my blog. And i know the exact location of every IP address that come to my blog. So here are what the "pig" has done to my blog. And..he also left me crap messages...

Look...what he has done...He put google adsense..

And look...Where is my chat box? he changed it to his google adsense..

Location? of the "pig"

The info about the "pig"

P/S: To pig...i think i know this person...he is very close to me.....pesanan i..."wei babi...bulan2 puasa nie x baik buat jahat..ko x bayar lagi hutang ko"


Alexander Ku said...

well, you could have clicked on his adsense link so many times he would probably get banned. did u report him to google?

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

:P hmmm wonder how will u solve it.. erk.. the goggle thingy? bahh nnti ko share sma sia aa andrik manatau len kali got similar prob buli sa solve.. lol hehe

lek ko kio.. :P lots of spammer around juga diz day.. they left linkies on my shoutout box n zi's too.. :P bah2.. :D happy lunch ^.^

Andrik McVean said...

@alexanderku..No i didn't report to adsense. But once again he did it to me i will report to adsense. worry. But i still curious lah siapa yang buat like that to my blog...memang cemburu tahap babi lah tuh..

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