Sunday, 14 September 2008

Just my rambling life as a student of software engineering

Shut up!!! I said to my friends when they said i am nerd and always with my computer. "Ko pikir sia suka kah bedepan dengan komputer nie tiap2 malam..taih anjing lah". Nah, fuck off to my friends those who said i am nerd. What can i said? i have to be. My very closed friend is my PC and my new closed friend is my laptop. Other than that, my camera also my very closed friend. I don't know what shall i do as "computer person". Shall i accept IBM or Microsoft? Maybe IBM. I prefer to take professional certificate in Database (IBM) instead of professional certificate in application developer (Microsoft). So tommrow i have no class but i have two meetings with my lecturer. First is Mr.Naim (specialist in data architecture) and next is Prof. Dr. Nor Laila (My very powerful and very motivative supervisior). tired today. I spent my week end with my research project all days. Tired...tired...tired...i need holiday please..otherwise my brain will stuck...

Always with these stuffs until NOV new laptop

So tired to look at these documents


Here in my room where i spend most of my time..that is why i went to somewhere for vacation sometimes

Pity my old computer..i spend my time him only one hour a day. Only to get my old documents.


Mell_f said...

Wah,suma source code kaitu? Huhu..punya menensenkan tu kan. All the best to you. Pedulikan sj tu cakapan yg berbaurkan jeles,yg ptg ko bahagia.

Andrik McVean said...

ya mell, lebih kurang kah tuh. Hehehehe...bikin tension bikin mati pun ada juga. Oh......penat...penat

Gay said...

Gay banned me because he is too afraid people may know his secret.

Spam? Send my regards to your bf in Penang.


Beck the BandagedKnee said...

haha!! andrik! haha.. suri2.. sa tersilik ni post baa.. hahah!!.. lol.. alala.. speechless ni.. lol.. computer-gigs ba tu.. heheh lol.. alala.. haha.. ok baa tu.. lol.. biasa maa student.. sia pun dulu gitu baa.. haha!! xD

erk.. sux to be u... lol jk jk ^_^ heheh.. nasib bukan sa baa.. sa imagine ni.. heheh... im more to arts.. la la laaa.. xD jadi kalu exposed sama sehelai note ko tu pun andirk.. dui.. musti migrain sa dtg.. lol..

anyway.. rock on! haha!

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