Monday, 8 September 2008

When i was in Langkawi Island

Holalala...actually i'm so busy with my life, but i'm still happy and running my life you all guys. Busy is busy, study is study but enjoy must go on. The life is really suck without enjoying yourself. Even though my life us terrible with my thesis, but i still enjoy myself for a short vacation. Mmmm...i don't know, how to explain to you..but i love to travel so much. I don't mind to read my notes on the plane or bus as long as i can go for holiday. I know it it costly sometimes, but doesn't metter because i'm a part timer so i have side income as a student. i devide my time with my vacation and also my part time work. Hehehe..this is what we call "study is study but enjoy must go on". OK, i went to Langkawi and here are some of my pictures when i was in Langkawi island. Very bad experience : I lost to Perlis because i took the wrong ferry (i suppose to jetty kuala kedah). Fuck off! (nasib baik bukan Thailand).

I was in the habour park

I was on the boat/ferry

I was on the bridge

I was on the beach..lovely beach

I thought i was outside Malaysia

Cable care..but was closed because it was heavy rain


sweetie~ said...

kau sorang2 ja ni.....mana orang sebelah? kau mau kana cari yg di sebelah ba andrik....baru la more fun....kekeke

Andrik McVean said...

tengah mencari yang sebelah lah nie...ntah pi mana lah tuh..sia tetinggal mangkali di sabah tuh. Hehehehe..

eLiyaShaKa said...

the last two lines...gilak bikin ketawa betulll!!! isk misti ada teman tp mesra ni...if not sapa took ur pic ...larikk

Andrik McVean said...

eliya..sia suruh tuh...urang2 yang lalu lalang tangkap gambar...sia pi buat muka satu sen.."kak..leh tlg ambk gambar tak? (ala2 slang semenanjung lah kunun)"..hehehe

Ornest said...

Gaya model sasat kaitu Andrik??? Hahaha... Teringin tau juga apa akan ko lakukan klu tersasat smpi Thailand tu ah?? Trus cari org sebelah sana kali tu hehehe

Andrik McVean said...

ya oiga..gaya model sesat lah tuh..hehehehe..bagaya abis tuh masa disana..sakali pula nah ambik kau..sesat sampai di perlis salah ambik tiket ferry...

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