Monday, 1 September 2008

Wonderful week end in Malacca

Oh...friends..long time i didn't update my blog. First, i was so busy last week. Secondly, i don't know what to update. Thirdly, i'm not in mood to update. Hehehe..and many more. But last night i got back in shah alam and i was so tired. U know why? because i went to Malacca and spent my time in the night club. First in the Rally club and secondly in the Aloha club. Yes..totally i was so crazy..shaking my body (ala2 perempuan)..hehehehe...Got back at where i stayed about 3 or 4 pm. Hehehe...i was a little bit bitch that time. I got couple of notes from two girls who wanted to know more about myself (of course i can trust them). And in the day time, i went to the zoo..hehehe...So here are some of my pics in Malacca.

Ntah..what is the name of this animal..

Me..with sabahan friends

And with Mr Robin

Beautiful... the zoo

Ambik ko..rihno..

In action..

Tired already


maslight said...

wuah siok pg zoo

Andrik McVean said...

siok bah mas..hehehe..banyak haiwan2 yang comel2..tapi penat lah..sebab besar tuh zoo melaka.

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