Monday, 22 September 2008

Yeah..its my life

Huuuuuuu.....what a tiring day. Yes! yesterday was my tiring day. So many things i've done. Met my Prof. and we had discussion regarding to my thesis. And i went to the Libarary. What else? I was searching for something what i want but i didn't find it. Oh...NO!!! I mean i found some of them but but i really want is not there. What i want is a book about template system or template precessor. But, unfortunetly, the book is not available in UiTM. None of the lecturer done about this before? What the F! I don't want to google every single info and all my references are from the internet. Can't be. So after went to the libarary yesterday, i went to dataran Cendikia where the Bazar Ramadan (It was happening, u know). And look what i bought..fried mee, nasi campur and cake (Awwww...yummy..). Total RM 8.50 (thats my dinner last nite). So??? today...i got test at 4 PM and also Home wish me luck guys...

Fried mee..RM2

Nasi campur (is it mixed rice???)RM3.50

Awwwww...cake (2 slices)RM3

Ok..ok..thats the books

Boring.....sempat lg mengupdate blog..LOL notes for tmrw..Got test.


maslight said...

wuah bz it seems...cake apa tu? chocolate? XD

Andrik McVean said...

mas...ya busy sangat2 nie...tapi sempat juga mengupdate blog kunun. hehehehe...cake tu..mmmm.....ya cake chocolate...sedap...tapi mahal....terpaksa sia beli sebab sedap..hhuhuhu

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

Uggh! lucky! i'd finish mine! :D yay!! :D haha.. ok baa andrik.. palan2.. tutup buka mata grad uda bisuk.. hehe.. :D

sweetie~ said...

huh kuat jugak kau makan....kekekke

eedany said...

Good Luck for your test ar andrik.

kenapa tu nasi campur mahal betul tu? RM3.50 kah? kalau sini Rm3.00 jak.


Andrik McVean said...

@beck...yabah...kalau inda misti ko pun mcm saya kan? hahahah...setiap malam duduk depan ngan buku

@sweetie...ouch...banyak kah sia makan? LOL..biasalah..lelaki kan

@eedany...yabah..kalau makanan disini kan mahal2..susah mau cari makan...huhuhu

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