Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Good bye Penang, I'll be back again soon

New semester just begun few days ago and i can feel the busy 'ness' is coming to me. Even though it is still early semester but i'm busy like crazy. It is really out of my expectation. This week end i have to meet all my neices at KL. But not sure i can meet them all or not since they also busy with their jobs and studies. Hopefully i can meet them all even though in different times. here are some of my pictures leaving Penang. Sadly, looking to penang from the plane. Muahahaha...its ok penang..I'll be back soon but i don't know when.."because i leaving on a jet plane". Ok lah..I'm sleepy already, want to have a rest.

Bye Penang

On the board

Sadly i have to leave you


So expensive..

I'll be back soon...


eedany said...

apa lah ko order dalam plane tu andrik?


Andrik McVean said...

eedany sia inda order tuh..ambik gambar jah ..mahal bah..

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