Saturday, 26 July 2008

Jacyln Victor jatuh atas pentas

Auhhh.....wuahhh...what a very unlucky evening for her ha. No lah...i mean if you are a model maybe it is usual but since you are a singer i think maybe unusual if you fall on a stage. She is performing her No 1 hit song "gemilang" however before she starts to sing unfortunately she fell on the stage (i think dia terpijak baju dia kut) it here dude..


jcyboy said...

wkhahahahaha....gosh..that is so funny!!!!!LOL

urang ranau said...

hahahah tp nasib baik dia pandai cover..klu sia..terus sia cover muka kwang3..

Mell said...

It was misha omar performing before jac. Misha's dress tersangkut somewhere on the stage causing her to hold her position ni. hoho.. U should watch the full vid.

Faulty stage or tukang design baju punya mistake? kehkehkeh..

Andrik McVean said...

@jcyboy..yeah funny of course mana dia mau cover kalau cam tuh? mimang malu habis dia tuh

@mell..i've seen misha omar juga..tapi pandai dia cover...tapi terduduk jugalag dia cover

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