Sunday, 13 July 2008

I was tagged by Wel

First of all i'm so sorry because i didn't update my blog about almost4 days. And sorry wel because i took really long time to answer your tag. Actually i was too busy last week (actually every week busy from july until nov). My new semester pushing me too much for my thesis. So here is the answers for your questions...

1. Where is your cellphone? - on my table
2. Your significant other? - computer
3. Your hair? - Black
4. Your Mother? - Tamparuli (origin)
5. Your Father? - Tuaran (origin)
6. Your favourite thing? - computer (if you mean a thing) vacation (if you mean to do)
7. Your dream last night? - Oh...shit i was dreaming i forgot to bring my pen and i couldn't answer the final exam question (sedangkan exam result sia yang baru2 bagus pun)
8. Your favourite drink? - Milo ice
9. Your dream goal? - Billionaire of course
10. The room you're in? - Bedroom
11. Your hobby? - Vacation of course (i don't mind to spend lots of money for vacation)
12. Your fear? - myself (what if i couldn't get what i want?)
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? - after 6 years from now? i don't mind as long as i'm in malaysia or UK or US or AUS
14. What you're not? - I'm not a smoker and drinker
15. Muffins?- OMG..Love it so much
16. One of your wish list items? - and money
17. Where you grew up? - I was in Tamparuli before moved to Kota Marudu and back to Tamparuli again
18. The last thing you did? - Dealing with programming language (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP,XML) and Database (MySql)
19. What are you wearing? - Underwear
20. Favourite gadget? - Computer
21. Your pets? - No thanks i'm very busy no time for pets
22. Your computer? - oh..from different parts
23. Your mood? - head ace and sleepy
24. Missing someone? - Always
25. Your car? - Sorry...don't have any..but fancy to buy Nissan and BMW
26. Something you're not wearing? -My very expensive ring (bought it in Australia)
27. Favourite store? - I don't mind as long as they offer cheaper price
28. Like Someone? - NO..i'm the only one and there is no one like me
29. Your favourite colour? - Blue coz i'm romantic
30. When is the last time you laugh? - A few minutes ago
31. Last time you cried? - July 2008 (I hate argument with someone i love..but sometimes have to do it)

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