Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My life Vs Programming Language

JUST FOR FUN (those who knows programming language they know what i mean)
Public andrikLife (string condition)
string busyness;
if (semester == '3')
{busyness="interview + documentation";
condition = 'ok';
return condition;}
else if (semester == '4')
{busyness="Interview + documentation + 9_subjects + dev_of_eproperty_system";
condition = 'frustrated';
return condition;}
else if (semester == '5')
{busyness="documentation + research_proposal + dev_of_eproperty_system (testingStage)+ dev_of_JavaGame";
condition = 'trauma';
return condition;}
else if (semester=='6')
{busyness="Assignments+ finalReport+Thesis+System+learnNewProgrammingLanguage+LearnNewSyntx";
condition = 'dead';
return condition;}

{ var busyness=0;
condition = 'happiness';
return condition;}

System.out.println("Your current condition is"+ currentCondition.andrikLife(condition))+"!!!";

So what is the output???? ok..the output is "Your current condition is dead!!!"


jcyboy said...

LOL..thats funny source code

Wel^Beiolman said...

cool jg la andrik...haha..lain kali ko buat post dari awal sampai habis semua source code la ah..hehe..

Mell said...

haha..i miss fortran but fortran is much simpler than this la.

Ko final sem suda kan? ur condition should be 'dead' la ni. hehehe

Anonymous said...

ko guna switch instead of else if lagi kemas dan structured :) good luck

Andrik McVean said...

@jcyboy..yeah funny but killing me softly

@wel..nanti jadi gila sia kalau hari2 mau guna coding

@mell..fortran pun sia tau guna juga...pernah sia belajar tapi tuk projek sia nie language frotran nda sesuai guna

@anonymous..i konw..but since i prefer and more familiar the if else's syntax...i think if else is better and faster to compile data

shzainzy said...

hey guys.. added you up in my 2nd blog.. please do the same.. thanks!

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