Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My current current busyness..

Ok..ok...yesterday was my very tiring day. Finished my classes at 7 pm and i got home about 7.30. I had my dinner and call my dad. Then i went to bed and got up about 11.30 pm and i checked my blog. Something wrong with my layout and i did changed it. Ok lah..after that, "by hook or by crook" i have to continue to develop my system. So after about one and half hours my brain can't think properly (macam jadi gila pula). I need a break. So my break is snapping the source code my system. Last semester i was so frustrated with Game development used Java. BUT..this semester...you know what? with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP (and maybe with XML)...all those programming languages should be integrated in order to develop my system. Thats Shit!!! So here are some of my source code.

Ambik ko...you think easy uh?

Nah..initial value for my CSS template

Oh...this one is source code from CSS template

Gosh...this one is engine to merge the data entered by user and CSS template

And the most difficult...color picker..to pick color from user

Another one..search engine to search template in database.


jcyboy said...

good luck with your system development

urang ranau said...

kan bagus klu buli cut and paste..ehou..tp nda mungkin buli kan..but anyway..selamat berjuang andrik..

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