Thursday, 31 July 2008

Snap a Job

Yesterday students of Information technology and quantitative science went to PWTC for Snap a job (hunting for a job lah kan)..well you year student and hopefully will finish by the end of this year lah. So me and my classmates of course went that place and it was so crowded...and interesting thing is most of the company they are hiring IT company you know oracle, Microsoft, maybank, standard charted bank, maxis, and some of the local lah. But doesn't metter as long as i can drop them my resume. LOL..actually i'm not ready for interview..not because of i'm not ready to work but i'm planning for my master degree..hehehe..however if get offer from multinational company and the salary given RM3000 and above (Gosh...not bad for fresh graduate like me kan?). The bed thing is my name is one of the lucky winner BUT I wasn't there at that time (i was outside pi makan)!!!!!

Having a lunch

early morning..still ok

Barisan software engineer

crowded and tiring

And this one barisan IT specialist

Ha...bakal2 software engineer for DELL company

crowded gitu..


Mell said...

I was also standing on a diverged road once; to pursue master or working. Not a definite decision,but i've choose working. Kalau nda happy working, balik uni and sambung master,jadi lect.

If u want to pursue master,and eventually be a lect,then do it. But if u want to pursue master and go into the industry,u better 'think cook2' coz u might be over qualify. Just my 2cents.

But at the end of the day,it's ur call to decide. All the best to you :)

oman :) said...


i strongly agree with mell...

for what purpose u want to

pursue ur master...

u better think carefully...

Andrik McVean said...

@mell..yes you are correct...that is why i would like to pursue to master because i want to be a lecturer (if possible)..hopefully

oman..i've think it twice and if i ada rezeki of course i tetap ngan i punya plan..heheh

Toilet paper said...

Snap a Job??
kawan sa budak Uitm pun ada p juga tu..
susah2 dulu..
senang2 nanti..

Andrik McVean said...

yabah..susah dulu...sinang2 nanti..hehehhe..mcm ko..banyak duit kan???

Toilet paper said...

haha..mana da banyak duit..
gambar duit banyak la..haha

Anonymous said...

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