Sunday, 20 July 2008

Wonderful week end at bukit cerakah

Yesterday me and my classmates went to Cerakah hill and we had BBQ there. So nice and so wonderful with jungle sceneries. Even though just we were loafing there but still happening..heheh..ok lah..i'm so sleepy now and off to bed now..bye


come on arip

this is our house..

osz..what happened??


Man In Blue...its me

model adabi..LOL


look at arip..very hardworking

with umbrella..ela..ela..

Busy eh?




maslight said...

wuah nice where's bukit cerakah...@_@ fun ni...i want bbq oso

Andrik McVean said...

bukit cerakah th di selangor..heheheh..memang best..tapi banyak monyet...LOL

Kengkaru Kong said...

best woo..bbq lagi tu..

maslight said...

lol...munyit liar ka ni? XD

eedany said...

yg first photo kelakar ooo.

dia cubuk ko kah tu andrik?


Andrik McVean said...

yup mimang siok tuh pi sana

ya bah banyak munyit bah..heheeh

bukan diorang cubuk tuh tapi mimang mau ambk gambar..heheheh

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