Friday, 18 July 2008

Laugh competition in pattaya thailand

The bettle has began...and the winner...jeng..jeng...

A male

A women

The winner was a female teacher, Mrs. Jittarat Wongsomboon, 55, (20) who laughed for the longest time: 12.26 minutes, with a decibel loudness rating of 110. She received Bt100,000, a gold certificate and many other prizes. The first runner up was Mr. Gowit Sripong, 32, (19), from Thailand, who laughed for 11.26 minutes, with a decibel loudness rating of 112.2. He received Bt10,000 and a free gold ticket to visit Ripley's. He also won the national costume contest with a Bt5,000 prize.

1st runner

And this is the winner..LOL!

Look at the prize offered...its about (rm10,00) + masuk repliez you believe it or not


Mell said...

OMG,100dB for 12+ min? hebat oo..ntah apa la yg bole hold dia ketawa begitu lama kan, kuat lagi tu.

And the best thing,he gets money out of that.

urang ranau said...

lepas ni sia pun mo training2 la mo ketawa kuat2..12+ min, hmm macam mana mo sustain to ketawa ah??

eedany said...

ko rasa bah ketawa betul2 atau bikin2 tu... lama juga oooo 12minit.

mengkali ada yg sampai terkentut2 tu...kikiki... opps!


Andrik McVean said...

i have to mana diorang boleh sustain until 12 mins..

they are GHOST..hahahaha

I think so..memang sampai terkentut tuh!

Anonymous said...

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