Friday, 1 January 2010

Some pictures along my journey to England

Here are some of the pictures were taken along my journey from Malaysia to England. I hope you enjoy it. I will take some more pictures about where i live and will post them later.

Just landed in the UK

KLIA ready for boarding

MAS the plane i flew with

KLIA...having my breakfast at KFC..

I had turkey when i was on the plane...sop yummy..i loved it so much

The imigrration form...and my 2009's Diary also 2010's Diary

The screen shows the map...

I have just finished the meal..


Tribudragon said...

Hi Andrik,

I wonder when U're going to create "My Blog List 3".

please don't forget to list me there :-)

Happy New Year !!!

Andrik McVean said...

I HAVE CREATED MY BLOG LIST 3...want to exchange link?

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