Wednesday, 20 January 2010 back again school....wakakakaka!!!

Hello to all my blog readers. Good Evening/Morning and i am sorry because i didn't update my blog for a few days. Reasons;

1. Lazy
2. Not in a mood
3. Cold (it's 2 degrees here now)
4. Busy (was it??? might be)

Some parts are under renovation

Anyway..whatever the reasons are here is my new story again. My boring story maybe...OK..OK..last sunday it was beautiful sunny day and i went out and had a look around my campus (campus lane in hatfield okay...). Mmmm...i was a bit upset because i could't find the computer and mathematics department even though the campus is quite nice and organized (oh yeah?) but most of the buildings are under renovatation. One thing i've learned that day was the name library which is very comman in Malaysia is used as Research and learning centre in campus Lane. OMG....I just laughed to myself when i saw a huge building and it stated "Research and Learning Centre" made me asking to myself "what the heck of that". When i arrived to the building and stood in front of it, it was a libarary. Bloody hell, I just laughed and laughed to myself...(I bet you..if you were me that time you wouldn't know it was a library)....

The Library

So this comming saturday i should be in Lindop Building for the Orientation and on Monday the orientation programme should be start. Mmmm...I hope I will find friends :)

OK here are some of the pictures were taken when i was having a tour at campus Lane....

Todd's building

I forgot..what's this building

OK guys, thanks for reading and see you soon...Ciao....

P/s: If the pound does fall, Susan Boyle better hope that she's getting paid in dollars.

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