Monday, 4 January 2010

A big moves of A small guy

Here is another post copied form my Diary.

Wow..the map on the TV screen shows the we are currently on Berlin and nother 1.5 hours to London. I opened the window next to me and i looked outside, I didn't see anything but thick clouds and a besutiful sun shining welcomes my arrival to Europe. I have just finished my dinner and its about 10.40 PM in Malaysia and my heart is still crying. In fact i can't get sleep very well on board because of my brain can't stop thinking.

I don't know how london looks like and I don't know how my life would be in London. I have no idea how am I going to start my life at there. People say London is a big city (yes it is) and could be a nightmare experience and could be awonderful experience as well.

I looked far away from the window next to me and it reminds me about when i was 7 years old time. I never had or thought the experience to study oversea. I don't even know about London that time. I was 9 and my nieces were 9-10 years old that time. We went to school together, walking and acrossed hils and rivers.

It really reminds ame about jalan kakai pi skolah dulu. Pocket money was about 30 cents and sometimes none. Bawa bekal pi skolah...dengan air milo..sometimes kopi pekat yang hitam doesn't metter at all as long as manis. Then bekal pula bawa nasi goreng dengan telur goreng. The distance was about 3-5 KM. Maybe not so far...tapi as a child that time..even 1KM and merentasi bukit pula tuh...terasa jauh sangat...Jalan we had ikut the bukit and i still remember there were two rivers and jambatan pula diperbuat daripada bambu yang usang. Sometimes...babmu tuh patah...then we had to ikut jalan raya which is twice the distance.

Pas tuh masa ari isnin pula. Usually most kawan-kawan kasut and baju diorang bersih sangat severy monday. But we are so different. Why? Sebab jalan kami aslo jalan for the babi and also kerbau. So just imagine lah..lumpur all over the place....kalau budak-budak kan...usually very careless...lebih-lebih lagi budak like me...huhuhu....Sometimes lumpur kerbau on the trees or daun-daus. Tergesel pula pi baju skolah..habis baju skolah yang putih jadi kotor. Ish..ish...
Sometimes ingat pula zaman budak budak dulu...since we used lampu pelita..letrik pun tiada masa tu..bangun pi skolah pagi-pagi cuci muka and sampai di skolah..lubang hidung hitam. Sangat memalukan..but what to do...??? i have nothing to be proud with when i was in primary school but my academic result.

Tapi kalau imbas kembali zaman 15 years ago, i really cannot believe what we have achieved at these days. I am pursuing my master degree in England, Edit works as a nurse at Hospital Serdang, BB works as pegawai pentaksir dengan lembaga hasil dalam negeri and Lydia works in the field of denistry. As i am very ambitious guy, i still wish i would have the oppurtunity to do my PHD soon. Thats another ambition that i want to achieve.

P/S: Its freaking cold here...-7 degrees!!!!


C.Alv.B said...

Thanks to God Andrik.. you have made it!! congratulation again..and again..and again.. to you..envy you..hehee

Andrik McVean said...

thanks wasn't easy anyway..

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