Sunday, 10 January 2010

Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 Final

Oh..shittt I missed Stacy's performance. I was rushing going back from the gym this afternoon. I did not realize the time has gone so fast. I did enjoy my time in the gym with a friend this afternoon. I hahe just got back and i started my laptop and tried to connect with AJL website. Unfortunetly i could not get through at the begining and i tried and tried again. Lastly i got it and it was black's turn. Oh nooo..i am very dissapointed when i knew i have just missed stacy's performance. Mmmmmm.......anyway....i am still watching AJL 24 now even though i am a bit tired after a long and hard work out but still i cannot miss this.

Here is the result

Best Vocal: Black
Best performance: Aizat
Winner : Aizat
1st Runner: Yuna
2nd Runner: Faizal Tahir

No doubt Aizat is the winner i love the song and i love the idea when he mixed up with a little bit indian cultures. Another 1 malaysia spirit...

Congatezzz to all winners and for those who did not get anything pls try again next year..LOL!!!!

P/S: I still cannot believe and hate those who involved in destroying the churches. Come on lah..the word "ALLAH" is universal and God is universal. God or ALLAH loves everybody in the world.

I ask this and pls answer it for me: Is there any statement in the al-quran saying that only one religion can use the word "ALLAH" ? and if there is other people want to use that name you must destroy their church or temple or whatever it is.

I've got a lot of muslim friends and i am happy be with them but when i read a few news about churches burnt, it makes me so sad and feels that those people is even wrose than Satan.


gadis borneo said...

visit here...hihi...laju ou update AJL...sia baru abis tingu:)

Gobuk Kara said...

klu inda hati-hati, habis lah PPC (adsense) ko kana sabotaj... hehe... hati-hati klu mo buat income online. Pasanglah blog yang ndada ikilan PPC hehe..

dje' said...

yeah.. sangat2 pelik... kenapa mesti jadi isu?

mayb utk menjaga kesucian islam (as they said). then.. kenapa x diambil tindakan kat perempuan-perempuan islam yang seksi-meksi sana sini tuh. kenapa rasuah still ada? kenapa keruntuhan akhlak still ada. yg sedih, majoriti yg terlibat semua muslim. islam dah lama tercemar, tapi siapa yg peduli? tapi, bila timbul isu ni, kecoh satu malaysia. y?

psl bakar church, lagi la hampeh. mmg bodo sangat-sangat siapa yg buat ni. purpose utk apa? nampak sangat tak ada pendidikan moral dan agama. dalam islam sendiri, DILARANG, even dalam perang untuk mencederakan dan membunuh kanak-kanak, orang tua dan perempuan. dilarang membunuh orang yang berlindung dalam rumah ibadah. apatah lagi untuk memusnahkannya...

ntah apa nak jadi... sangat sedih :(

C.Alv.B said...

I just heard about AJL from friends and FB..but I'm notreally into it..hehehee..about the WORDS and burning church..Im too disapoinbted too.. just pray for it...

Andrik McVean said...

@gadis borneo...iya..cepat jah nie sy update..hehhee..tinguk online jah ari tuh..

@gobuk kara..they have a very sophisticated tool to detect u kena sabotaj or not..

@dje' they are very closed minded

@sumandak..buduh kan diorang..bikin panas

dje' said...

it's not bcoz they r closed minded. but that is bcoz they r so egoistic.

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