Sunday, 24 January 2010

My course starts today

Mmm...i have to hide it from other students..

Hello everybody, i can't write too much as i am still not very well. I am fine but not on my top health condition. Anyway, last saturday i went to Lindop building just to get the schedule for the orientation programme for overseas students. So here what i've got from them...ha..ha..ha....

I have to keep this tag on my wrist to make sure i am an oversea student. Well, the good things are i will be able to get a student rate for my bus fees and get free drinks at their cafe. Anyway, i don't really care about the cafe but by getting cheaper rate for my bus is seems like a good idea.

Tmrw which is today in Malaysia, i will be at the department of Computer science and engineering just for an introduction for my course and the subjects. I am excited but at the same time i feel nervous. Well, i'm not very well but hopefully i will be able to mix up with them quickly.

P/S: I feel so bad at this moment...don't know why...

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