Saturday, 9 January 2010

Playing with the snow

It was last thursday (if i not mistaken..sorry because i lost the time) i went out to the garden and because of my excitment to play with the snow, even though it was very cold i enjoyed it so much. Well, typical Malaysian....we don't have snow in Malaysia and we only have one season troughout the year. Isn't boring? hahahaha....maybe it is for some people. BUT, i bet you if you are here in the UK at this moment with this cold weather, you will appreaciate the hot weather more. This winter makes me stuck indoor most of the time. Yeah..really...sometimes you feel you wanted to go somewhere nice but you really can't because of the weather. You want to go for shopping? You can't because everything is too expensive here (1 pound = RM5.6) especially when you are earning in RM. But if you are earning in Pound Sterling, well that's fine and i could consider cheap enough. I went out to the town a few days ago and every price i saw made my brain to do the calculation of currency conversion. Every single penny i'm going to spend i have to convert it into RM. It makes me feel everything is too expensive. Beach with a sun on you? can't because too far from where i live. A nice garden or park? Sorry you can't because you can't see anything. The trees and plants are covered by the snow. I am really looking forword this comming season which is Spring. Must be nicer than winter and at least i can see flowers and sunshine.

I've touched it and i liked it

I've ate didn't

The garden isn't look beautiful because everything is covered by the snow.

P/S: My lips are's hurt!!! Pardon my english because i never make correction of any grammar error on my blog. I don't really care because this is not an academic purpose. I certainly be very careful of my english if it is for academic purpose.


dje' said...

i can't wait for autumn to come.. please take a lots, lots, lots of picture on that time.... :D

Andrik McVean said...

hehehe..i will...and post them on my blog

gadis borneo said...

=) masam santik gia tu snow tu klu sia nampak...hohoho....

Andrik McVean said...

@gadis borneo..mimang lawa tu...tapi bikin banci kalau lama sangat..hehhee

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