Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Another tiring day

Huhhhh.....another tiring day huh? I am updating my blog while listening Clarice's Song titled "Au" and i found this song from blog (Look under my sexy bloggers list..hehehe). I got up about 5 something (almost 6 i guess) and had my shower and breakfast as well. I went to class at 9 AM and as usual i lost my way because i could not find the room number. As a new student you know how is the scenario. Not to worry because i managed to find the class by asking a beautiful girl from middle east? or maybe India (doesn't metter as long as she looks pretty and sweet). Suprisingly i didn't expect she guided me the way to the class. I thought she just say where the class is by pointing her finger. But she's nice anyway.

I am currently in the LRC building doing nothing...gosh...the sofa under my bum is so nice..i wish i could sleep on it...LOL!!!!! I am sleepy + tired + sad + not in a mood. I need something to cheer me i need it so much. Life goes up and down here....sometimes up and sometimes down...but what to say? that's how life has to go...isn't?

Can't wait to finish this week until friday as i really want a very very lazy week end. I want to sleep from 10 PM until 10 PM tmrw morning. Is it 24 hours? Mmm..yea..i guess. Some other pictures were taken from LRC

FUCK OFF!!!!!!! i feel so upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gadis borneo said...

sia add fb ko :) hihi....

ArMs said...

Dude,you're supposed to get her number or name at least ;D Who knows next time you get lost agn then you can call her? heehe.

Cheer up la... Ya life is like that. I feel down lotsa times but just tried my best to be optimistic, nothing to loose right :D

Anyway,we have kind of the same kind of laptop. Except one of it is I don't have ATI graphic card :P

Anonymous said...

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Andrik McVean said...

@gadis borneo..iya...thanks for the add..i've approved u

ArMS..oh ya kah? hehehhee...sama pula laptop kita..

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