Friday, 1 January 2010

Juat a report of my journey from Malaysia to England

Hey guys, here are some thoughts when i was at KLIA and on plane. I wrote this from time to time when i was at that place.

I just copy and paste from my Diary

I'm waiting at the security check entrance. I switched on my laptop and checked a few counters in my forex accounts and its not very good. In fact i lost quite a lot of money again. Really annoying because i thought USD will go down after a big up increment last week.

KLIA- 10.30 AM
There was an announcement saying that the flight is ready for boarding...oh my heart is crying again. It reminds me about everything..its horrible and the feeling is so hurt, sad and painful. My sister called me and said good bye, my neices and nephews and also mom spoke to't sttop crying..but i pretended myself to be okey.

Currently i am on Thailand. The feeling is getting hurt and worse. I have just left my country...what a life huh? I remember all my memories in Malaysia. I looked at the screen with a map on it and another thousands KMs to London. The stewardess came to me and she asked me what would i like for my lunch and i asked her what have you got....
She replied beef or course i want turkey..hehehe..i like chicken so much. I took some pictures of the food but i will post them in my other post. Usually i will quickly finish my meal but not today. I took about one hour to finish it all. I'm not in a mood anyway...after i finished my meal i had my nap.

OK guys, now i am on India and i have just got up. I looked on the screen and it shows another 6980KM to London. Wow...what a journey...I looked on my watch and it shows 3 PM local time in KL. The pilot has just announced the weather isn't so good made me a bit nervous.

Now on pakistan. Wow...its very hot here. I put my hand on the window next to me and it is is very hot. I'm with my MP3 player and still playing wali's songs. I like them so much. Unfortunetly i didn't put many songs into my MP3 player and i have to play a few times for every song.

Currently on "aFUCKnistan" and it reminds me about the war between this country and the US. Very hot here..i can feel it even though i am far above the country. Really hot..i can't go to sleep and i feel so tired.

OK now i am on Russia and i have just crossed the Caspiana sea and passing by Moscow now. MMmmm...i looked at the screen and it shows another 5 hours to London. Oh..i can't wait the plane to land at heathrow airport. Hehehehe...want to get some sleep now....

I have just got up and now on Rome. Mmmmm....not really in mood to see Rome. I know its a beautiful country but the cloud is very tick and can't see anything from the plane. Sometimes i saw other plane passed by our plane. Mmmm...strange because it was my first time saw it.

Mmmm....almost arrive to London. I can't wait....actually we have passed a few other european countries but i couldn't remember because i was asleep. Anyway...Germany reminds me about they industrial and the Merc cars. I had my dinner here and i chose black papper beef. nice...

Now on UK and another 50 minutes we are ready for a landing. I can feel the coldness. I put my hand on the mirror next to me and it was pilot said the weather in London was 4 degrees

Bloody hell....i had to wait about 1 hour in the queue...and the guy asked me this that and bla..bla..bla....i said to myself..oh come on...i am tired...and he asked me to go to the health control room...there was a lady waiting me. She said may i have a look your xray chest report? and i showed her the result report. She didn't accept it at the begining because the bloody lady didn't read it carefully. And i helped her to read out the last sentence stating my chest xray result is normal. Silly lady!!!!

I passed the last part of the immagration point. I passed by a fat lady and i smiled at her. A few seconds later she followed me and asked me a few silly questions. Even a 6 years old children can answer it. Where are you come from? which airline? what was your last departure airport? have you got something to declare? cigaratte? alcohol? bla..bla.....bloody hell.....but i answered all the quiestions politely...heheheh..anyway......thats how my journey went. Not as smooth as what you thought. But it was okey....

Will update some other things later.


InobonG ProPer said...

Safely landed in UK. Thank God for that.

Good luck ya! and keep us posted.


Andrik McVean said... suda link your blog to my blog....dont forget link me too okey?

gadis borneo said...

hi again....i enjoy reading ur post about ur journey to overseas....:)

tia ramai yg post mcm ni....=)

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