Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Funny Questions with Funny Answers

First of all I got his from Here. When i was bored in the office today, I browsed the internet and found that website which is very funny. Basically this website is almost like a forum. You can ask anything whatever you like and people around the world will answer your questions. Have a look these;

Sex with my girlfriend
I had sex with my girlfriend today and I weared a condom and we used lube and I cumed once and then my girlfriend gave me a bj and hj and I cumed again while using lube. my question is can guys cum 2wice in 1day?? (Nah...barulah soalan berani mati..)

  1. .. obviously yes, considering you've experienced it first hand..
  2. yes, of course they can. They can cum a few times in the same day...depending in general on their age.
  3. of course... you came twice, so why cant others. My boyfriend told me that he once masturbated 9 times...and came every single time. (wah....what a honest answer???)

Orgasm during sex?
any girls know how to achieve your orgasm during sex? b/c I know whta it feel like since I've gotten them before, but I cannot ever get them when I have sex or anything, only my vibrator can do it for me :-/
please help
guys can help too happy if...

  1. u need to find a guy that knows what he is doing
  2. How old, big (down there),and experianced is your f**k buddy/boytoy?
  3. its not who im with bc even if I touch myself without my vibrator or my boyfriend I still wouldnt be able to give myself pleasure.. I've tried.
    I mean when he fingers me and hits my g-spot it feels reallyy good but not to the point of an orgasm and when he eats me out its ok I thin kthats his fault bc hes not so good at that im trying to get him to improve on the eating out part :p. but um hes like 7-9 inches
  4. well,to be really honest, I was just like you, how I manage to make it work was, it sounds a lil bogus but if you have to picture something else, or something that really turns you on...it'll help also...DEFF!!!
  5. You need to have an g spot orgasm
    but a lot of women find it difficult to orgasm this way...if not at all.
    You need to find a position where your guy is hitting the g spot.
    If this still doesnt work, then you will just have to stimulate your clit to reach orgasm..or bring your vibrator into the bedroom and use that if your boyfriend is comfortable with it.
I can't stop laughing when i was in the office today. This website it really funny. But anyway, by browsing you can now a lot of things about guys and girls that u don't know because they are very open minded!


Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

Lol! am like "wtf??". I believe most of em european as they kinda openminded. Haha..

C.Alv.B said...

Hahahhaa..no comment la Andrik.. malu pula sia hehhee

Andrik McVean said...

yeah....malu plak kalau baca banyak kali kan??? hehehehe

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