Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The popularity of AF 7 and OIAM 3

Just look at the keywords hit my blog today...

Mmmmm....first year blogging (last year), I was busy searching on the internet on how to increase unique visitors. I read a lot of tips and one of them is unique and intresting content (which is for me it was RUBBISH!!!!) even though i know it is correct. However, i found another articles explained to use google trends to increase unique visitors. I really don't know how to use it at the begining. But when i " tried and test " (hebat kan??? sudah lah try ada test lagi...LOL), lastly i found the way how to use google trands to increase unique visitors. Just look on the picture above, its about 100++ from Akademi Fantasia Keyword and about 60 from OIAM keyword. Do you know Akademi fantasia is one of the most popular keywords captured by Malaysia Google? You have to know it and blog about it!!!!!! you will see within a week you will get a lot of unique visitors.

From the picture above, generally speaking most internet users in Malaysia are fan of Akademi Fantasia. Even though, OIAM 3 is very intresting and more exciting, BUT AF7 is more popular than OIAM3 (this conclusion is not proven cliniclly..LOL). Actually, thats why Astro still continues this reality TV show.

Actually in short, i am trying to say....if you have no idea what to blog and thought very difficult to get unique visitors (especially when you just created your blog), you can blog based on keywords popularity. I wonder if i should try to blog American Idol 8 (also one of the hottest keyword in the world!!!)

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