Sunday, 29 March 2009

Ulasan Akademi Fantasia 7 - konesrt 3-

First of all, honestly i missed the concert because i saw the diaries and seems like most of the song quite boring. So that night i decided to go to my friend's apartment and had chit chat with him. In fact, we watched the eagle and elthin john concert at the Albert royal hall (ala...tempat CT perform yang ari tuh...tempat datuk K mula pikat CT..huhuhu). And it was really wonderful performance, the backup singer, the music, the performance, the place, the lights, the songs, the sound system......everything perfect. So i don't really mind because i missed AF7 third concert. So i have to watch the concert from youtube or maybe repet concert on channel 104. So lets start (malas mau ulas but..nevermind...i have to do because lots of readers..heheh)

the song very old and quite bored. His lower notes very week and sometimes can't hear it. In fact, some parts of the song sound a bit pitchy. Good vocal control and voice projection also quite good. I not sure why the judges said they have no comment. If he was in metter how good the contestants are..they always get comments from the judges.
3 stars / 5 stars

She has problem especially low notes.The performance quite bored. In fact, she doesn't have communication with the audiances. The dancers at her back also look very DULL.Facial expression she failed. Menari macam tak pandai. Tarian macam kakuh sangat. Very sad...and also very poor performance.
2 stars / 5 stars

A bit bored at the begining of the song, but the chorus quite entertaining. In fact, she has a very good communication with the audiances and she looks fun and comfortable on the stage. She picked a nice song and this song also easy to listen.Overall performance it was good but nothing so much special. Sometimes i thought it was like performance like at keramaian orang khawin.
3 stars / 5 stars

Rubisa was good but the song very easy and did not show her real ability and vocal range. Communication with the audiences. Higher notes very clear but her low notes seem like a bit flat. One more thing..the song very straight and doesn't have the dynamic. Bull shit the teachers because gave the song.
3 stars / 5 stars

This is another very nice song. She has quite clear vocal and good vocal projection. Very fun and entertaining performance. The connection with the audiences also very good and i like the drama pengsan at the end of the song.
3.5 stars / 5 stars

I like the song very much and i like the performance and also the face expression. But was like sampah. Sorry folks!!!! i really don't knkow why he listed in final top 14. He did not deserve it at all. In fact, at the begining of the song banyak sumbang and very flat and also very pitchy. Suara dia banyak sangat masalah and his vocal tak de power langsung.
1.5 star / 5 stars

Suara sangat tawar. He has problem in low notes and sound very flatttt!!!! shit....what the hell...this student??? Masuk jah dah sumbang and when he tried to hit the "hanyaaaaa..." i thought my gegendang telinga nak pecah....very d'sumbang and langsung x sedap. I can't wait to finish his performance.
1 star / 5 stars

Fun and catchy performance. Very smooth and nice vocal.She sang another very nice song. But i don'y really like the fact she sang the chorus part use flasseto because her flasseto sound very smooth but very week. Sedangkan part chorus yang mesti kena meletup. Overall performance its just very all right but not excellent.
3 stars / 5 stars

The melody has been modified to be slower version (correct me if i'm wrong). It was creative idea but as a result the performance transformed to became very sentimental and very soft and made me feel sleepy. But the vocal very smooth but when he tried to reach the high notes....seems like tak dapat and the low notes memang some of them very flat. But overall it was nice.
2.5 stars / 5 stars

Dia nie memang menyanyi main belasah jah. Dia menyanyi x dah teknik. Kalau dengar betul-betul cara nyanyian dia memang x boleh jadi star. Tooo far and very weak. Like stupid people yang nyanyi atas pentas pun ada. With his hair style...omg...and than the performance seems like the band at the back sangat besar tapi suara so-so jah. I don't know why the judges said good. For me it was another rubish!!!
1.5 stars/ 5 stars

This week the performance seems a bit OK compared to last two performances. In fact, the whole performance sangat teratur and smooth. She looks very tenang and the feeling was there.
2.5 stars/ 5 stars

"Ohhh..." masuk jah part nie...pitch dah tercicir. I thought i like him actually because i saw him singing on youtube lagu i'm yours. But week by week..his performance very weak and weak. Malam yang lepas pun suara x best and sangat berterabur pitching.Walaupun lagu suppose to be fun but....for me a bit bored.
1.5 stars / 5 stars

Ohhhh.....rangkap yang pertama and kedua sound very flatttt and pitchy. Part tarian tuh pun...just so-so...oh....his performance this week was waful. Nyanyi pun x best langsung. Shit!!! last part when he used the flasseto tuh...very poor!!!!
1 star/ 5 staras

My weekly ranking
1. Zizi 2. Claudia 3.Isma 4. Hafiz 5. Rubisa 6. Rini 7. Aril 8. Aishah 9. Akim 10. Yazid 11. Obri 12. Qhaud 13. Sidi

Siapa yang terkeluar??? Yeah...Obri and Rini.....oh...tidak....Rini did quite all right. I do not mind about Obri...but i do mind about Rini. She just comming up but dah terkeluar...kesian.....huhuhu.....drama betul penyingkiran...hehehehehe....


my name is KARL said...


my fav


jeremytuah said...

Don't you miss the previous AFs??? I do...

Last nite concert (Konsert ke 3) yang bertemakan musik Retro 80an was the most boring concert.. All the songs selected by the so-called 'faculty' were mostly boring and monotonous, with non-energetic melody.. AND blended together with the underperformed and non-energetic, and uncreative, and not-so-talented (yet) contestants...THUS we were served with the most excruciating performances..

RINI FC-official website for Rini's fans said... Rini..

its ok,coz i still can enjoy life out here!Tersingkir bukan alasan untuk terus gagal kan?

btw, thanx for ur comment..^_^

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