Friday, 20 March 2009

Review OIAM 3 - Top 8-

Yeah....lastly, Esther once again won the immunity. Even though, Amylea also did a great job but i thought Esther deserve it because she dance infront of the judges...Heheheh..jocking. First of all, BULL SHIT to the judge (JJ) because commented like people without knowledge. The comment is just "overall bagus...". I said to myself, what the fuck of this JJ doing on the chair??? Komen macam orang yang x ada ilmu about music. Just imagine if 8TV wants him as jury tetap. What do you all think? I am very sure all the contestants will feel happy because will get nice comments from him. Luclky 8TV choose Paul and Syfinaz to be the juries tetap. So OIAM 3 is producing very good singers. Anyway....the contestants sang "SEKSIS" as opening and it was really great and full of drama. Wow....Now lets go to the contestents' performance;

Wow..i am updating my blog now after i just got up about a hour ago. I had my breakfast sausages and breads and don't forget the cheese. Wow...wonderful anyway!!! Just like last night's performances. Lets go one by one the contestants' performance.

He sang the song just exactly like a male song. Honestly, I never hear this song and very new for me. But it was nice from him though. One thing, very noticeable about his last night's perfomance was the low note of the song. He can't reach it smoothly. In fact, his voice bergetar at the lower note and a bit kurang rasa. Second this about his diction. Wow...memang teruk sangat diction this boy. Example, hati => hathi. He is pure malay but the way he pronounce it so terrible. The rest of the performance was good.
3.5 stars/5 star

This girl gave me such a wonderful voice and also wonderful rileks performance. In fact, she modified the song such a fresh and new "touch". Lontaran suara such a clean and nice anyway. The performance was very enjoyable and sedap untuk dipandang. I just fell in love on her last night's performance. An excellent performance from her so far.
4.5 stars / 5 stars

Mmmm...sorry to say but i've heard Amy search sang this song before and Amy sang this song much nicer than Aweera. In fact, he did not modified the song at all. Just almost the same with the original. But one thing I salute about him is he has the higest note range among the students. Another bad thing was he sounds sengau lah last night isn't???
3.5 star / 5 stars

Rizu was very wierd performance from him actually. Somehow the rendiation from him is not suit with the song. Mmmm....something yang tidak kena but i don't know where. Another face expression...i hate it so much. What can i say? Mmmmmm.....vocally it was great from him as we knew he has a great voice but not enough flexible to siot most of the song. However, the enegry was so good.
3.5 stars / 5 stars

All rite, generally speaking simon actually has a different voices among the students. He has very husky and as JJ said the husky-ness is really natural. Which is very good for him. Actually i noticed at the first oharse of the song he sang it a bit shakky (i thought ). In modifying the song, yes he did modified the song to be his own style and very good. However, i am bored with his performance because most of his performance every week just static. I really don't think he can be an entertainer. But to be a recording artist...yes he CAN.
4 stars / 5 stars

One thing he always remember about her is her powerful vocal. But she don't know how to use it. For example, last night's performance most of the part of the song semua dihujani dengan suara dia yang powerful. Sampai pada satu tahap tuh.....i felt a bit boring sebab semua nada yang keras, kental and high pitch. I thought, syafinaz was right, Fify should be able to play her voice dengan menggunakan banyak dynamic in singing a song. For a first time performance, memang tidak dapat dinafikan she has poweful vocal but kalau dah banyak kali perform and still guna cara yang sama??? we all pun jadi boring. But hey!!! anyway...i love her performance and it was something different version of the song.
4 stars / 5 stars

Kalau minggu lepas, his performance a bit messy....minggu nie it was smoother and nicer. BUT...what a song????? To be honest i hate this song so much. For me its a bored song and some of his notes were flat. Ohhh......but entertaining though. I think he must pick a song which is intresting to be listen next week otherwise maybe he will be next to be voted out.
3.5 stars / 5 stars

Esther far as i concern, it was the best perforormance from her so far. Vocally, the performance, the attitide and the dance were there. Everything have been mixed up and the outcome was a wonderful performance from her. I never thought she can modified this song to be a very different version and sound. FUI, this is one of my favourite songs and i know exactly how it sounds like. But when she sang the song...i really cannot find even a single bit of the original version. Maybe some at the chorus part. But even that part, it still difficult to compare from the original version. It was really wonderful and beautiful from her.
5 stars/ 5 stars

My weekly ranking
1. Esther 2. Amylea 3. Simon 4. Fify 5. Rizu 6. Nine 7. Tomok 8. Aweera


jeremytuah said...

SUPERB.. FANTASTIC..BRILLIANT... that was a very high star-quality performance from Esther..
However, with that kind of benchmarked, will she be able to maintained and sustained her performance for the remaining weeks?Let just hope she will be able to do it..

Napa tak update lagi ur review???

Andrik McVean said...

yeah esther did a great job last it

sweetie~ said...

the best and chicky performance of her so far....nda puas tengok ba....mau 10x tgk d u tube....damn nice!

Andrik McVean said... fae her best performance i thought

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