Friday, 6 March 2009

Review OIAM 3 - Top 10-

OIAM show will be starts ina few minutes. Who do you think will be eliminated tonight? We will laptop and me are ready and we are infront of the TV and waiting to the most expensive Malaysian TV show to start. OK, here we go. Last night we've seen Han has been eliminated in this competation. Do you think she deserve for it? I don't think so! I know her performance last week a bit DULL. But actually she should be given an oppurtunity for one more week. Anyway...but she is not in my gav contestents though. So i don't really mind. So lets start with the last night's performance.....hehehehe

Vocally it was great but for me its a bit bored. Just so so performance but "TIDAK MEMBERAHIKAN" heheheh...but i like the custom though. It was really nice, even though like 10 years at the back but i like it.
3.5 stars/5 stars

Mmmm...i think he showed his style last night and he showed his gerne. But i think the performance a bit "berserabut"...don't u think so? It was messy performance. NOT SHARP at all. In fact for me, just like a little bit bored. I can't wait he finish the song at the middle of his performance.
3 stars/ 5 stars

It was happening performance anyway. Even though pitching wasn't prefect like amylea but still OK performance. Nothing so special with her performance. In fact, i don't remember her performance last night. Just like "come and go" something like that lah! Like syafinaz said, GAYA MEMANG ADA. But as a singer, vocal must come first folowed by gaya. O ya one more thing...i didin't understand what she sang actually...was it because of my ASTRO???
3.5 stars / 5 stars

Maybe some bloggers said he always picked up a safe song. But for me even though he picked up a safe song he did it great. Very..very great..but errkkkk...last night his performance like the original singer lah..heheeheh..anyway...but the vocal was really great though..
4 stars/ 5 stars

I wonder why this girl still in this competation. Worried if malaysian voted her because she has the look. Undoubtable, she has the look and she looks very cute. Very friendly with the camera. But this is a song competation and vocal must come first. It doesn't mean she can't sing. Of course she can sing. But not good enough to be a star. In fact her voice is still childish.
3 stars / 5 stars

OK, first of all he sang my fav. song. I love this song anyway. He sang it emotionally and dramatically. Even though i don't really like the vibrato (over done) but still very nice performance. Nothing much to comment actually....maybe the song is easy to him.
3.5 stars/ 5 stars

I think i like her performance last night. But because she made too much movement, sometimes she TERGELINCIR from the note. Anyway!!!!! pity for her because the comments from the judges were not good enough. Even though I like the song but in the terms of vocal of course the judges know it. For me, i like it. But she has to work out more to increase her energy level.
3.5 stars / 5 stars

Aweera....OMG!!!! last week he has a teribble performance. But last night he made it so beautiful and more powerful. Juats imagine a balada song he modified and rocked the song. Wasn't it powerful and amazing? Wowo....even though Jac said one part SUMBANG but i think it doesn't metter. Because the rest of the song he sang it just like his song and new version of gemilang.
4.5 stars/ 5 stars

Wowowow...another good performance from esther. But i don't really like the fact her body language sometimes looks like overdone. I AGREE WITH PAUL. If you watch and concetrate her performance looks like overdone. What if she just rileks? I think it will be better. Anyway...I try is one of my favourite songs. She sang the song excellently. The vocal was great as well. In fact the style in so original. Its just another contestent which is very original. So far i didin't see any of her performances like a photocopy. All her performances very original and with her own style.

Tomok dare he took a risk to song this song? really amazing actually. I just love the performance. Even though the vocal not excellent but remember !!!! he was singing a MALATOPS song from a MALATOPS singer. The performance really like a concert and just really like a great show. Vocally, he still need to improve but the performance was really intresting.
4.5 stars/ 5 stars

And my ranking this week
1. Aweera 2. Esther 3. Tomok 4. Simon 5. Rizu 6. Pija 7. Amylea 8. Fify 9. Anith 10 Nine

Stay tuned ... will be update from time to time.......


jeremytuah said...

Last nite performance could be the best show so far. And I am glad that my prediction (Top 11 review here) on who will be voted out was absolutely bull eyed. Nonetheless, only 2 out of three prediction on bottom 3 was correct albeit last nite instead of bottom 3, they have bottom 5. And all in the bottom 5 were as predicted. I have to give Han a round of applause tho' for her final performance. She really nailed that song although she didn't manage to hit the high note well. But I still think that she did outstanding.
As i said earlier, last nite show was the best show so far for this season, where each contestant begin to shows some enthusiastic performance.

Please go to my blog to read more.. hehehe

Johnny Ong said...

wow u really do follow closely

Anonymous said...

Teda sya tingu ni kali.. Sya pigi miting bah... Am glad Ester did well this time. Last week Aweera kana kritik hebat oleh Syafinaz.. adakah melalak dua bilang.. kasian si Aweera. Tapi nampaknya minggu ni dia dpt menebusnya dgn baik.. congrats to him.. Siapalah yg dapat Immunity ni kali?

Andrik McVean said...

Aweera wont the immunity

jcyboy said...

wow...andrik rajin butul ko mengulas pasal OIAm 3 kan...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

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