Sunday, 1 March 2009

Because Monday is *ShiT*

In less then a hour, week end will dissapear and one of the most laziest day is comming. Monday is waiting for me outside there. As usual, I feel so lazy on monday especially in the morning. My watch will ringing in about 10 hours from now and i feel so, so worry about it. I really hate to hear my watch ringing because it push me to get up in the morning. Usually in the week end, i got up at 10 or 11 am. I feel so happy with it and i feel so fresh. I mean, when i open my eyes my mind feel so rileks and so peaceful. But when it is monday my brain thinking too much and i feel so croweded.

When i started the car and start drive, my mind will say "andrik the manager is waiting for you, he wants your opinion, he wants to see your source code, he wants to ask you...."..OH NO!!!!! sometimes i did not realize i was driving too fast because my mind is all over the places. My job is not tired physically...but mentally. Because my job is to solve a problem. I am problem solver. In the term in computing. My job is dealing with source code, coding, bugging, testing, writing, etc. Could be a crazy guy actually.

Tonight, i just had my dinner with friend and it was really nice dinner. Uhhhhh....feel so tired now. Because i ate too much. Now blogging about monday. One of the most horrible day for me, Why??? because so many jobs and so many things to do. I could imagine tommrow morning. I will sit on my chair and will start up my machine and doing my work until 5 o'clock. Huuu...what a boring life uh??? Sometimes i was thinking..IF I AM MILLIONARIE I WILL HAVE A GOOD LIFE AND SPEND MY TIME ON A BEAUTIFUL HILLS, MOUNTAINS, BEACHES. I will travel around the world and i will help all the people who need it. Oh..what a dream.

I was thinking, if i have 1 million??? what should i do?? invested it? or to open business? know i will defenatly open my business. The small one is enough already. Huhuhu...i actually sometimes think to open my new website and new domain. So from there i would like to be a full time blogger. So many bloggers around the world earn five digits just being a blogger. why dont i try to do it...hehehhehe..mmmm..i know it is not easy like eating NUT but i must try it someday.


GregChai said...

i love the part about blogger making money, do post about it,

love to read about their secrets :D

Andrik McVean said...

i also still searching and looking their secrets...huhuhu

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