Friday, 13 March 2009

Review OIAM 3 - Top 9 -

Yeahhhh...the night will come again and the show is ready. Just need to wait. I am sitting in front my my TV and so excited to watch the most expensive reality TV show in Malaysia OIAM 3. Who will be eliminated tonight? Wow..i just guess eaither Fify, Nine, Anith or Pija. But most probably Anith or Pija. Who will be immunized tonight? We will see, we can't predict it until the show will end. OK, guys i will be back after the show is finished. See ya...bye....

First of all, i have to blame the composer, sebab tidak benarkan para peserta untuk mengubah lagu-lagu tersebuat. I know lah its your song, so you don't want the contestants to modify the song...suck and f**k o*f!!!! All rite, lets start my review about the contestants' performance..Overall...just OK and most of the time was bored. Really suck...the songs selection was really S**T!!!!

Aweera a suck performance from him??? Masuk jah...sudah tunggang langgang. Masuk jah, tempoh lari pitch lari. Really horrible anyway. Don't like it at all. He hits the high notes just OK but is just horrible. Just like dasar laut and langit biru compared to this week and last week.
2 stars/5 stars

I love the song, but once again another bored performance. Just a static performance anyway. Persembahan yang agak "malas". Vocally its just all rite. But still nothing so special with her performance. I really don't think she has to sing with the guitar..nampak sangat she was so lazy to sing the song.
2.5 stars/ 5 stars

Mmmm...the performance a bit fun for me. Even though i don't really her but vocally, i thought it was better then the previous contestants. In fact, the vocal was big and clear. So its nice. But didin't see anything special with it.
3 stars/ 5 stars

I thought i like his performance. It was really great. Even though i still did not like the face expression. But still quite nice actually. Vocally....don't ask because he has a great vocal. But somehow, i thought the song is so easy for him.
3.5 stars/5 stars

First of all, good for him. Secondly i really don't like the song. But He delivered it very good. I have nothing to say, even though the song i not very familiar but he made it and sang it with his own style. And its just like a tomok's song.
3.5 stars/ 5 stars

I have nothing to say. The worst performance for tonight. I can see and hear and feel it, she can't delivered the song.
1 star/ 5 stars

First of all..he sang the song with his own way. It was good. But vocally, i thought its just OK and nothing special. In fact, the judges said...ader part yang lari. I still think sometimes it was a messy performance though. But the good thing is he is on his own track. This is he song he used to sang before. But tidak meletup pun.
3 stars/ 5 stars

First of all, vocally it was great. But she did not modify the song greatly. For me its just another different versions of shittt T!! F**k O*F to the composer because did not allw her to modify the song. The performance was nice but as i said nothing different. Vocally, don't ask because she has a great vocal.
3.5 stars/ 5 stars

Mmmm....not sure why the judges did not give him the immunity. But tomok did a great job though. I thought it was a good performance. Its just a smooth performance from him. The vocal also nice. He modified the song nicely and it was good. About pitch or tempo...i don't think there was a problem. Another easy song for me anyway.
3.5 stars/ 5 stars

My ranking is:
1. Tomok (immunity) 2. Rizu 3. Esther 4.Simon 5. Nine 6. Fify 7. Amylea 8. Aweera 9. Anith


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hi Andrik.. look like we have similiar opinion here and there... do check it out ya.. c ya..

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