Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ulasan Akademi Fantasia 7 - konsert 2 -

OK, kita telah pun melihat persembahan para pelajar and as usual AF is more to gimic instead of mencukil bakat. It doesn't mean TIDAK mencungkil bakat but it just mengaut duit daripada para peminat dan pada masa yang sama barulah mencukgkil bakat. Kalau dibandingkan antara OIAM dan juga Akademi Fantasia, perbezaan kualiti antara dua rancangan reality TV popular ini ibarat langit dengan bumi. Sorry to all Fanatik AF but that is what i felt. I used to be one of AF fanatic before but after i watched OIAM 3, i thought to myself OIAM is a real singing competation. In fact most of the contestants in OIAM 3, they are very powerful and vocally they have their own standard and quality. OK, stop about making comparison between OIAM and AF. Lets talk about last night's performances.

Actually I missed the first two students. They were Akim and also Rubish. Means. i have to watch from youtube to make my review. All rite, i will start randomly.

The slow song was quite all right. But the second song she did a bit pitchy and she looks very semput. The semput-ness made she performed the second song, especially the vocal quite terganggu. Vocally, for me it was not so powerful but still acceptable. Basically she has a good voice but need to be more polish and she need to go to the gym more often to build the enegry and get more energy.
2.5 stars / 5 stars

Low notes memang tak dengar and more sound like karaoke actually. But he still did an OK job in the first song. The second song he did a bit pitchy and very goyah. In fact, his falsseto actually sounds terrible. He needs to learn more about it. However, he can control his voice nicely which is good voice control.
1.5 stars/ 5 stars

Her lower notes sound very flat actually. Especially at the begining of the song. But after the first pharse of the song she did quite well with the rest of the first song. The second song it was pitchy performance and she must know how to control her voice. But it was an entertaining performance though.
2.5 stars / 5 stars

The penari jalanan? OMG..what a pitchy and sumbang mambang performance from him? Two things which are good for him, the first one is the confident level and the huskyness of his voice. Tapi kalai husky tak pandai guna buat apa kan???? Unique voice tuh just a gift from a God but its really up to that person on how to use it. The slow song he just did OK and nothing special on his performance. But the secodn song..OMG totally hancus and i don't want to hear it at all. Just like orang yang baru jah belajar menyanyi. Sorry to say!!! In fact, in the second song he looks very small with the limited movement with a grand music.
1.5 stars / 5 stars

Oh...i thought she will recover from last week. She doesn't!!!! sorry!!! The performance sounds so flat and very pitchy. In fact, masuk jah first verse sudah sumbang sini sana. Sorry to say. Vocal projection also not clear and the falsseto sound too week. She needs to learn more actually.
1 star / 5 stars

Persembahan yang energetic from him and also the sebutan sounds very clear. No problem his diction. BUT vocally it was OK, and his performance was a bit pitchy actually. Expression also wasn't there. Its just like an empty. But at least his vocal a little good compared to the rest of the students.
2 stars / 5 stars

So what do you think about this girl??? MMMM....i thought she did quite well actually. The first song, her vocal very good, lontaran suara also very good and the expression was there. But in the chorus part of the song she almost can't reach it and there are some parts need to be improved. The confident level was good as well.
3 stars / 5 stars

Fisrt of all, OMG what a boring and very sumbang performance???? level of confident very low, pitching and tempo also lari dan tercicir sana sini. Oh..just like anak kecil yang sedang menyanyi. Overall he failed and he looks not confortable with the song.
1 star/ 5 stars

Mmmm..overall she did all right. My comment is just at the low note her vocal sounds a bit goyah and tak confident. She needs to work on it i guess. She did a great job on ella's song. But on the second song, she has a bit picthing problem. Just a bit but overall i still like the performance because the second song it was entertaining.
3 stars/ 5 stars

I have to say...totally RUBBISH!!!! I really don't know how can the teachers choose him to be in top 14 AF7. He can't sing at all. In fact, most parts of his performance last night was really bored and very childish. I bet the penyanyi jalanan is much better than him. So many parts yang sumbang and he can't reach the high note at all. The high notes jadi flat pulak. Dynamic and expression also empty. Ohh!!!! i am sick of him!
0.5 star/ 5 star

Wow...banyak peningkatan from last week. Good job for her actually. Her falsseto quite good actually. Smooth and very control. The expression also was there and she did quite a good job in the first song. In fact, she did a great job in the second song. I like the overall performance.
3.5 stars/ 5 stars

Last week's performance iy was great from him. For last night's performance he did a great job once again. My only comment was his falsseto was quite week and he needs more confident on it. But lontaran suara sangat bagus and the suara juga sangat jelas. Overall it was a great performance form him. Once again, he looks like guy sebestian lah...kan? heheheh...
3.5 stars / 5 stars

The first song she did quite all right. BUT the second song, she did it terribly. Oh...sorry to say but especially at the high notes she sounds like memekik for me. Too nyaring and she did not control the voice very well. Back to the first song, she did quite entertaining.
2.5 stars / 5 stars

Overall, just all right. But very good voice control. However a bit bored actually. Mmmmmm...nothing so special on his performance last night.
2 stars/ 5 stars

My weekly ranking
1. Hafiz 2. Claudia 3. Aishah 4. Zizi 5. Rubisah 6. Isma 7. Adilah 8. Akim 9. Qhaud 10. Sidi 11. Aril 12. Rini 13. Obri 14. Yazid

Pelajar yang menjadi mangsa undian para penonton ialah Adilah. I thought too early for adilah to be eliminated last week. Either Rini, Obri and Yazid should be eliminated. Huhuhu...but who cares? I dont care. AF7 is sucks!!!


jeremytuah said...

no need comparison between af n oiam.. tadika pun tahu af dah hilang seri.. oiam semakin memuncak.. last nite concert of af wanna mke me puke.. lol...

Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

Lol! Is it tat simple to put all the performances as rubbish? If tat so, then i wont watch AF anymore.. Hoho..

sweetie~ said...

i cannot stand watching af....i dunno why....may be no thrill becuz they sing the exact melody....

Andrik McVean said...

Af7 is making the audiences puke now

Anonymous said...

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