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10 Most Expensive Private Islands 2006

I've just post the most dangerous destinations just now and now i found the most expensive islands...thanks to again...

1. Isla de sa Ferradura
$39.7 million (A$53 million, C$44.9 million, €32.99 million, £22.7 million, Rs1.8 billion)
This 14-acre island lies just off the northern coast of Ibiza, in the bay of San Miguel. Edged by dramatic cliffs, the resort island is dominated by a luxurious white hacienda. It features a large salon, home theater, professional kitchen, dining room that seats 14 and several terraces, including a revolving one overlooking the swimming pool. The pool has its own waterfall and bar. There is also a cave complex built to house a whirlpool, solarium, steam bath and other amenities. Ferradur
a can be reached by boat, helicopter or by the small private road that connects it to the main island.

2. Pakatoa Island(tie)
New Zealand
$35 million (A$46.8 million, C$39.6 million, €29 million , £20 million , Rs1.5 billion)
Most of the islands in Hauraki Gulf have been set aside as reserves. Pakatoa, which is occupied by an inactive resort, is one of the few exceptions. Among its amenities are 24 beachside cabins, 38 hillside cottages, a nine-hole golf course, beaches, two mini tennis courts, a bowling green, squash court, gym and restaurant. Pakatoa is about 30 miles from Auckland, and is accessible by boat or plane (it has its own landing strip).

3. Cerralvo Island (tie)
$35 million (A$46.8 million, C$39.6 million, €29 million , £20 million , Rs1.5 billion)
This large landmass--it totals about 35,000 acres -- is located off the east coast of Baja, in the Sea of Cortez. The rugged island has beaches and sandy points, and a consistently balmy climate. Incredibly deep water nearby provides extraordinary fishing opportunities. Though Cerralvo is undeveloped, it could accommodate several hotels and golf courses.

4. Temptation Island
$30 million (A$40.1 million, C$33.9 million, €24.9 million, £17.1 million, Rs1.3 billion)
This 20-acre island reclines in sparkling waters off the east coast of Phuket, and is partly occupied by a resort that has 132 guest units. Built in 1989 and renovated in 2000, the resort needs to have a desalinization plant installed. But it features three swimming pools, a helicopter pad and a concrete pier--not to mention romantic palm trees and white sand beaches.

5. Caritas Island
Fairfield County, Conn.
$25 million plus (A$33.4 million, C$28.3 million, €20.8 million, £14.3 million, Rs1.1 billion)
It's a rare luxury to have a private island an hour's drive from Manhattan. This four-acre island is connected to Connecticut via a private road, and features a 14,000-square foot stone manor house, built in 1906 for members of the Phelps Stokes family. The mansion has a marble entryway, herringbone oak floors, marble skirting, a two-story gourmet kitchen and library with a cathedral ceiling. The estate includes a lap pool, saltwater pool, 200-foot deepwater dock, guest cottage, caretaker's cottage and gardens.

6. Allan Island (tie)
Washington State
$25 million (A$33.4 million, C$28.3 million, €20.8 million, £14.3 million, Rs1.1 billion)
You can keep this 292-acre island for yourself, or sell off its 44 tax lots separately. Allan Island is northwest of the city of Anacortes, between Burrows Bay and Rosario Strait. It currently has a main house with two bedrooms, one bathroom and bamboo floors, and a guest house. Five wells have already been dug, and there is a dock and a grass landing strip.

7. Grand Bogue Caye(tie)
$25 million (A$33.4 million, C$28.3 million, €20.8 million, £14.3 million, Rs1.1 billion)
This island is so appealing that a brother of the sultan of Brunei and Bill Gates have reportedly come to check it out. The largest private island left capable of being developed in Belize, it is unusual in that it is not overgrown with mangroves. Grand Bogue, totaling about 314 acres, has large beaches, coral flats, and forests.

8. Blue Lagoon(tie)
$25 million (A$33.4 million, C$28.3 million, €20.8 million, £14.3 million, Rs1.1 billion)
Ringed by a coral reef, blue lagoon is about a mile long and totals approximately 225 acres. In the 19th century, it was a coconut plantation; today it is home to coconut crabs, giant clams and a mostly-complete resort. The design includes 20 luxury guest villas with marble baths, a dining pavilion, full service spa, meeting rooms, a golf course, marina and dive center. The island has white sand beaches on two sides, and is accessible via boat or air (there is a 3,400-foot-long runway).

9. Thatch Cay
U.S. Virgin Islands
$24 million (A$32.1 million, C$27.1 million, €19.9 million, £13.7 million, Rs1.1 billion)
This long, lush island is situated just a half mile off the coast of St. Thomas, and so offers convenience and seclusion all at once. On one side of Thatch Cay, dramatic cliffs drop into the ocean. On the other, the land gently slopes toward St. Thomas. A protected cove offers a potential spot for a dock, and there is a small beach. The 230-acre island was once part of a Danish plantation known as The Hope. Today, it could easily be turned into a residential or resort development.

10. Isola Santo Stefano
$24 million (A$32.3 million, C$27.3 million, €20 million, £13.9 million, Rs 1.1 billion)
This unusual island rises out of the sea about 90 miles west of Naples. Totaling about 62 acres, it features a horseshoe-shaped building that dates back to the 18th century and was once used as a prison. There is also a church and several houses on Santo Stefano.

p/s: if you see the least one from SEA..and if i'm given a chance to travel one of the island with very limited money...hahahha..of course i will choose Thailand...only cheap mah...where is islands from malaysia????!!! this is private islands..

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