Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Crime Statistics >> Jails >> by country

Hello guys, how are you today? hope u all good lah kan? OK..here i found crime statistics for jails category. Very unbelievable rite? Don't you guys think Malaysia is one of the most peace countries in the world?? Yes..of course. But look at the there. Just like shit. shame at me as Malaysian. And do you know what is the reason?? because : penagihan dadah, cetak rompak (antara yang terbaik di dunia, syukur lol!), and kecurian. Mana pegrinya negara-negara barat yang mempunyi kes jenayah paling tinggiu seperti US, UK ? They are listed but not in the top 3. I will post later kes jenayah paling tinggi (very top gitu)..

Source taken from NationalMaster.com

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