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The top 3 world's Billionaires

Mmmmm...uuuuhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhh....i'm still yawning at the time i'm writing this article. Sunday morning in Malaysia, is very beautiful, even though i got up around 12 afternoon this today...why??? because i went off to bed at 6 o'clock this morning. As usual, i'm still busy with my Java programming language..i'm still stuck in the middle of displaying the buttons...

Anywhere...what i want to share with you today is about top 3 richest man in the world. When i found the report made by, a bit surprised me when Bill gates fell down to thired richest man in the world. Because last time on 2001, i've read report from someone else the difference was too big (what i mean is the total asset lah!!!)...

After 13 years
on top, Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. That honor now belongs to his friend and sometimes bridge partner Warren Buffett. And very surprisingly, less than a year Warren becoming the richest human in the that because most of malaysian bought the pirates copied of software??? hehheheehhe...maybe that is one of the reasons. But if most of IT students buy original CD from his company, we could die and poor, and his will be rich and richer....anywhere here is the list dude...

2001>>According to (sumber yang memang boleh dipercayai)..Warren's total asset was on 2001 $32.3 bill compared to Bill gates $58.7 bill and the third richest was Carlos slim.

2002>> Warren's total asset increased to $35 bill and bill gates decreased to $52.8 bill compared to Carlos only $11.5 bill (far away from the back actually).

2003>> was 2003 Iraq bombed and attached by US and was this year where the twin tower in the US attacked??? Yes, if i now mistaken...Look at their asset fell down to $40.7 bill for bill gates and $30.5 bill for warren. And Carlos $7.4 bill.

2004>> Warren's total asset increased from $ 30.5 bill to $42.9 bill, surprised me really... How could him earned 10 billions in a year??? really wonderful. Look at bill gates, he still the richest man in the world with his total asset $46.6 bill.

2005>> what happened to bill gates?? he lost 1 million (not 1 billion ar..). And look at his pathner warren's total asset increased again to $44 bill and the third richest man in the world was Carlos with his total asset $ 23.8 bill.

2006>> Well done bill gates!! But look at Carlos's total asset was $ 30 bill last 2 years. Maybe on 2010 he will be the richest man in the world..will wait and see.

2007>> OMG look Carlos's total was $ 49 bill baby... $19 bill in a year??? thats mean 1.1 bill a month. And look at Warren also $10 bill in a year. Last year is was $ 52 bill and and bill gates was $56 bill still held the richest man in the world..

2008>> Jeng..jeng..jeng..the richest man in the world goes to Warren with his total asset $ 62 bill and followed by Carlos with his total asset is $60 bill. And less than a year Bill gates fell down to number 3 with his total aset is $ 58 bill....

P/S: My question, is Carlos will be the richest by next year or maybe 2010???....but still not sure since the US facing a problem with their new president. So actually they will be the first persons effected....or maybe there will be new face next year?? because the Lakshmi (the fourth richest man in the world) currently holding his total asset $45 bill and if you see the difference between bill gates' asset are only $ 13 bill.

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