Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A Girl Named Fyza was born today

Guys...just wanna post a wish to my friend fyza. Today is her birthday (20th of March). From fyza..happy, happy birthday to you and when you want to spend me to eat cake??? BUT...must be secret demanding ah...just jocking are older now. If i not mistaken you are 31st rite?? (am i rite?, well i think so) ..hahahah sorry..sorry, jocking what is your plan? did you plan to go out with your someone special?? or still single?? well...what ever you do..i wish good luck...before that i would like to share something here form my daddy. Last year was my daddy and he sent me birthday and it sound like this (at the end of this post)


!!Happy Birthday to Fyza- mania!!

Do what makes you happy,
Look upon what gives you joy,
Listen to what lifts your spirit,
Speak to those who warm your heart,
Surround yourself with sights and sound,
And people who makes you smile.

P/S: Lets baling telur at her...on friday! lolz!

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