Friday, 14 March 2008

10 World's Best Business Class

1. Singapore Airlines

This airline introduced a new business class in November 2006 that surpasses that of any other airline, according to Edward Plaisted, chief executive of Skytrax. Its 30-inch-wide lie-flat seats--the roomiest in the sky--come with full-size pillows and plush blankets. The bathrooms are 50% larger than average airline bathrooms; the menu is designed by Alfred Portale, chef of New York's Gotham Bar & Grill, and passengers get deluxe Givenchy kits. p/s: you can have take bath in the plane?? wonderful!!

2. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin came in No. 2 because of its stellar ground services. Passengers flying business class, known as Upper Class, get chauffeured cars to the airport in key markets, including New York City and London. The bright, modern lounges have large spas that offer free haircuts and massages. On board, there is a bar area, lie-flat seats and therapists who give neck and shoulder massages. p/s: bleh la menggatal ngan pramugari nie kan?? buat2 sakit dari awal sampai akhir..lolz!!!

3. Cathay Pacific Airways

This airline is a high performer all around, both on the ground and in the air. Hong Kong passengers have separate security lines and comfortable lounges with wi-fi, high-speed Internet and a noodle bar. On board, the lie-flat seats stretch 6.5 feet long. The entertainment screen is 15 inches. Service? Exceptional. p/s: i think this one is better!!! compared to the others..

4. Malaysia Airlines

This airline, ranked No. 10 last year, is now No. 4, thanks to changes that include (on the ground) a new restaurant in the lounge at Kuala Lumpur airport, complete with a team of chefs and proper waiter service. In the sky, the airline scored high for its food, which includes a signature Malaysian satay and seven kinds of bread. The comfortable lie-flat seats also get a thumbs-up. p/s: they actually won and scored the food served by them..anywhere..congratz!!!

5. Air New Zealand

This airline introduced its new business class, called Business Premier, a year ago. Amenities include 7-foot long lie-flat seats, a 10.4-inch video screen with nine channels of on-demand entertainment, lamb's wool blankets and brasserie-style cuisine emphasizing New Zealand ingredients and wines.

6. British Airways

British Airways' business class, called Club World, was the first to introduce lie-flat beds 10 years ago. Recently, the airline made these seats slightly wider and longer. On board, passengers get a Molton Brown toiletry kit and can expect service that Plaisted describes as consistently efficient though not overly warm. On ground, complimentary massages are available at the Molton Brown spa in lounges at major airports, including Heathrow and JFK.

7. Jet Airways

This Indian airline, which started service from Newark to Mumbai just this month, scores high for its Bulgari toiletry kits, lie-flat beds and tasty Indian cuisine, which might include choices like chicken tikka masala or spiced fish curry with basmati rice. One drawback: the lounges in its key Indian airports are lackluster and don't offer any of the bells and whistles of typical business class lounges. p/s: wow..this one looks more luxurious....

9. Qantas Airways

Qantas has one of the best business class seats in the sky. The plush seats are called Skybeds, and they recline to a flat bed that is 6.5 feet long and almost 2 feet wide. Other pluses are a 10.2-inch touchscreen with a choice of over 60 movies, Ultraceutical toiletries and tasty cuisine that includes choices like a crab and potato galette and snapper poached in coconut milk.

10. Etihad Airways

Established just five years ago in Abu Dhabi, this airline has quickly become a major contender in the business class market. Perks include access to a multilingual staff, an in-flight entertainment system with a 15-inch entertainment screen, comfortable lie-flat seats and an extensive dining menu with Asian, Continental and Middle Eastern choices.

P/S: The question is, where do you put airlines from the US, Canada, Germany, HK, Japan and Australia??? even form the UK only one and that is number 6. In my opinion, that is so bad compared to their currency, they could afford things around the world because of their currency...tiada satu pun wakil dari negara yang kaya raya....pity them...

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