Thursday, 27 March 2008

The ugliest women in the world

What i found after i finished my revision? He..he..he..The ugliest women in the world. Take a look on their photos. Uch....i think they are ugly..what do you think?


(1) Score:7.8/10

(2) Score: 8.5/10

(3) Score: 9/10

(4) Score: 8.4/10

(5) Score:7.3/10

(6) Score: 7.1/10

(7) Score: 9.2/10

(8) Score: 8.2/10

What do you think? which one is the ugliest? Currently, based on the rank voted in the world...
Candidate number: 7, 4, 8 .....But my opnion 7, 3, 2..and what is yours? Drop me plz!


Anonymous said...

i think its mean of how u treat these people u mean people u r flat out mean and if u talk about these animals they definetley cant control how they look.

Anonymous said...

it is very mean of wat u say to these people and if u do it again there will be consquenses. and it is very mean of wat u say to those animals they cant control how they look so you better stop and ill hav u know i am an animal lover.

Anonymous said...

These girls are VERY VERY VERY UGLY!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all you dumb commenters. All those pictures are photoshopped Ugh stupid asses. - _-

Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

Lol! Tats funny.

Anonymous said...

you dumb asses!How can you degrade ladies to these extend.No one is ugly! fuck you!

Anonymous said...

First of all it`s not funny k.Somes of theses picture has been photoshop.It`s really mean and disrespectful to post and right shit like you did!

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