Wednesday, 19 March 2008

10 most worst men's fashion

Hello guys..thanks again because come and come again to my blog..but to be honest i think you should come and come again to get more info about life style, health, political, money or what ever. I'm in front of my computer non stop to find something to share with you all outside there.What i got from this morning is about 10 most worst men's fashion. Of course everybody want to look nice rite? even me..i want to look nice and smart all the time..even though my sleep time...lolz!!!! walaupun kalau i berdengkur, jiran sebelah terbangun...hahahahah....really?

Number one ladies and your pants is too short or maybe too long. To ladies if your BF look something like better break your relationship with him because he will be one of the worst men in the world.

the next one is white socks with dress shoes...very funny if your pants is black and shoes is black but your socks is white (siap ada belang2 lagi) oe maybe red....i think girls selalu buat benda ni...kan??kan?? But if you are wearing jeans..survey says that is no problem..unless formal.

Third is color don't match or mix patterns. Very funny if you are wearing kot tapi your long sleeve belang2. Just like kuda belang.

Your ties too short or too long. If you are fat and your ties too short you will look ugly like the ugliest duck in the world. If you are too thin and your ties is too long you will look like people the ugliest dog in the world...

Next is stained cloths...uch.....most of guys now days...they wear their jeans 5 times a week or 24/7..then very..very smelly.... beware will be categorized as one of the most worst men's fashion kalau u pakai baju kotor or busuk.

Your pants waists that sit too high or too low...back to 60-han and 70-han..most of guys look this style and now days most of teenagers like to put their pants waists too low...until people can see his spender...hahahahah!!!maybe style baru tunjukkan spender or boxer baru...

Scruffy shoes. if your sport shoes are scruffy i think no problem, but if your kasut kulit scruffy..of course u look like the ugliest duck in the world...

Wearing hand held devices on your belt..yes this is really horrible. Most of UiTM's lecturer like to do so...especially the older lecturer. Maybe they think they look handsome or maybe macho...but actually his fashion look so, so dull.

Second last is over layering.... please do not do this other wise you look like kuda belang. Lebih teruk if you want to wear pants yang banyak layer..uiiihhh..yucks..

Mismatch between your shoes and belt. I think small matter. But if you belt is red and shoes are white...confirm people will die looking at you. Better black and black.

P/S: OK guys these are some tips for you and me to be look nicer every day ya...thanks for for the info.

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