Sunday, 23 March 2008

My very short break in Penang

Hello are you? are you all doing well? good..good..As i stated in my previous post i will be out for and unable to update my blog for 2 days. So actually i just got home from Penang and I'm tired. Hahahaaha.After long time I was tied with my stuffs, last Thursday, I decided to go to Penang to release tension. Now i back again and I'm sure will be busy again. As usual bah! Anywhere..I don't really mind but sometimes I was thinking where will be my next destination. Maybe Thailand or Australia this May. Not so sure actually. Depend, I can afford or not. here some of my pics when i was in Penang. But just food of pictures ya. I ate so much last time. Sungguh menggemukkan!!..Heee..heheh!

Very nice Lasagna with vegetable!

Gosh!! My mushroom soup!!

Mmmmm...very good, my roti bakar with garlic!!

My Lunch dude! very special U only can get in in the E&O Hotel bah!

This is fantastic! First class sausage + salmon (first class fish) + beef and baby kailan.

ABC?? Hahaha...what ever

Char kuew tiaw!! Not bed.

This is crazy. Ice cream + fruits like papaya, pineapple, water melon, etc.

Very fattening!! I didn't eat them all. I just makan sikit only. Then i left them on the table.

OK..thats all guys. My credit goes to the E&O hotel. Thanks for treating me like a king. Hehehehe! waitress are very beautiful and friendly.

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Jericho Alexander Joe said...

sadap o makanan ko...kalo sa tu ngap ja smua hehehe *cam sakai ba* tidak badan nokogontit@buncit parut hahahaha...

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