Friday, 27 February 2009

Review OIAM 3 - Top 11-

OK, are you ready to read my comments about last night's OIAM 3 performance? First fo all, i don't like most of their performances. In fact, some of them look very DULL fashion. Sorry guys, but most of them choose very bored songs. I was expecting something very interesting willl happen last night's concert. But it wasn't. Too bad because it was really dissapointing concert. Huhuhu.....just wasting 2 hours of my life. Anyway...Ayu was eliminated last night. Suprised????? NO AT ALL!!!!

It wasn't an excellent performance last night from here. In fact the entrence was a bit pitchy. Actually first contestent usually has the problem in delivering a good momentum on stage. Anyway....her performance was done!!!! the music arrangement was good. Her Vocal is still maintain, one thing i like about her is she tries to sing a song different from the original singer. It was great. But when we talk about her perrformance last night, its just all right. Since she was the immunity holder last week, i thought she will blew me away again this week. But i was wrong.
3.5 stars/5 stars

This BIG girl's turns. Mmmmm...what can i say???? last week she blew me and nailed the song prefectly. But her last night's performance was very DULL!!! Nothing special at all. Why did she choose this song??? it was horrible and not intresting at all. The style, performance and vocal was empty.
2 stars/5 stars

One of the best performances that night. It was really good. He choose the right song for his vocal. Just playing guitar, it was really great and he hits all those note prefectly. I love it and I really do like it. By recording his performance and convert it to mp3 its enough to sell his voice outside there ithout go to studio and record it. Excellent vocal from him.
4 stars/ 5 stars

OMG...his performance was really boring. Seriously, he picked the worng song again. Maybe he has the voice but he doesn't kow how to show it? Or he prefers to pick a song what he like instead of what he can do??? Welllll...its really bored performance from him, in fact he looks DULL and it was soooo...pitchy...sorry guys
2 stars/ 5 stars

I think her performance was really "slumber"...very rileks, simple but intresting. But i think this song is toooo...easy and tooo easy listening. As a result she can't show her ability in competing Simon. Simon's song is more difficult and he hits it prefectly. I'm not going to say Amylea's performance wasn't good. It was great but she picks an easy listening song which is not really shows her ability.
4 stars/ 5 stars

This cartoon turns ya! I do not understand why some bloggers put he in bottom 3. I thing his performance was good. He has the look and he has the voice as well. He delivered the song greatly. Mmmmm...did paul said some voters did not like his facial expression? Yes..i think so...this is what i called "pretending" or maybe "dibuat-buat". Compering with Esther, she has the natural feeling in delivering a song. But this guy expressed the song trough feeling and sometimes the feeling wasn't there...the facial expression sometimes annoyed me. But vocally it was good.
3.5 stars / 5 stars

First of all, i love this song. But i still feel she delivered the song just all right. It wasn't bad but there is something empty in it. But actually i still like the way she sang the song and its good. But i still couldn't find special in her performance last night.
3 stars/ 5 stars

Good job Tom!!!! and shall i add Jerry? only comment is his diction was really bad. He is Malay but he can't pronounce it correctly. Not sure if he sings an english song...can he pronounce the words correctly???? we will see, however the vocal was great though..
3.5 stars/ 5 stars

Ouch....the worst performance last night. Sorry to his fans but he wasn't singing instead of screaming like siging competation. SO bad from him. I thought he was unwell??? but why did he screamed like being a rude to the audiences....heheheh...OIAM is not a screaming competation...sorry
2 stars / 5 stars

Good tried from her, but it doesn't work for me. Ohhhhhh....i am very dissapointed!!! seriously, she sang a very big song. Actually this song is too big for her...she can't even sing it nicely. Mmmmm....sorry...but i still like because she has a very great vocal...just not good enough for this song.
3 stars/ 5 stars

She got good comments from the judges. Yes..she delivered the song greatly. But i still didin't fing her originality in singing the song. It was great...but its like photocopy...i like to see her originality...however, in the furst stanza of the song, it was really modofied nicely.
3.5 stars/5 stars

Amylea won the immunity??? what do you think? my opinion, Simon deserve it more...but She also actually did a grewat job. Congratezzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

My ranking
1. Simon 2. Amylea 3. Esther 4. Rizu 5. Fify 6. Tomok 7. Pija 8. Anith 9. Han 10. Nine 11. Aweera

You know what to do!!!!! vote your fav. contestents now!!!!


Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

Ive got the chance to watch tis when i went to the restaurant last tym. Most of them got the looks, i guess. cantik, hensem.. hmhm.. mmg susah bg peminat nk mengundi jk hnya berdasarkan muka shj. hoho..

april RD said...

bole kasi kalah c paul sdh ko ni tau :) i love ur comments

Andrik McVean said... you have your review this time???? hehehe..i like to read your review u know...

april...its been a long time i haven't see you....where have u been? ..thanks though...

jeremytuah said...

Hi Andrik,
kinda busy today but i manage to find my time to update my blog.. well ive read ur comment.. i am so impress... Please view my review ya and leave me some comment too.. i just disappointed on Esther performance this week.. huhuh

HoneyBUZZin said...

No comment. Just wanna say "HI"

GregChai said...

i hope si Esther dapat pi final :D

Andrik McVean said...

@jeremytuah..i did read your comments..i do agree with you..their performance last night was really worst

honeybuzzzz....dont u watch OIAM 3??? heheheh

Tukang kupi...i really do hope so...she has a very great voice..

.::EliyaShaka::. said...


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